Rorate Caeli

Desdén (Disdain),
Starring Archbishop "Tucho" Fernández

Archbishop Victor Manuel "Tucho" Fernández,

the Pope's closest theological adviser and first named bishop,
(fabulously efficient) Rector of the Catholic University of Argentina,
member of the original 6-liberal Synod drafting commission

This remarkable man granted an interview on the Synod to Elisabetta Piqué, of La Nación, in which he said the following, among other pearls of wisdom:

"There was only a group of six or seven fanatics, somewhat aggressive, who didn't represent even 5% of the total [of the Synod Fathers]." ... "If we don't open up Pandora's box, what is done is hiding the dirt under the rug." ... "Perhaps we missed saying, at the very least, with Pope Francis: 'who are we to judge gays?' "

Who are we, indeed?...


Desdén (Tango, by Carlos Gardel):


El día que comparezca
ante el tribunal de Dios
a dar cuenta de mi vida
que me complicaste vos....

El día que francamente
tenga yo que declarar
la verdad pura y palpable
que a Dios no puede escapar.

Y le diga que he faltado
a su ley de mala fe
al hacer de vos mi culto
¡al amarte más que a Él! ...


On the day when I appear
before the court of God
to give account of my life
that you made complicated…

That day on which I
frankly have to declare
the pure and palpable truth
that can’t escape God.

And tell Him I didn’t keep
his law, out of bad faith,
by making you my [object of] worship
by loving you more than Him! ...

[Image source: Caminante-Wanderer blog]