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Kasper the Serial Liar
- caught lying grievously once again

Walter My Mercy's not for Africans Kasper has a serious problem. He just can't stop lying. Is this the man who does "serene theology on his knees"?...

First, as a good portion of the Catholic world knows by now, he grievously offended with outrageous remarks the Catholics of the most vibrant and faithful continent, Africa.

Then he lied about saying it. 

Then he forced the publisher to withdraw the interview. (Only God Almighty knows what means he used to achieve that.) With that action, he threatened the livelihood and reputation of the poor reporter, Edward Pentin.

Then the reporter made public the recording of the interview, showing just how shameless this contemptible man in red is.

He is now threatening Pentin once again, as well as an unnamed Cardinal -- with the full force of the compliant liberal Catholic press.*


This Monday, Franca Giansoldati in Il Messaggero reported Kasper's words on the outcome of the Synod: among other things, he said the following: 

"I am not disappointed. There was just a discussion, and now the issue will be deepened. I did not speak at the Synod, I did not want to push my positions. It will be seen, I am calm."

Why did he say that? Because the atmosphere in Rome is so heavy for him after the defeat of the manipulation strategy of which he was the centerpiece during the historic debates of October 16, as well as due to his anti-African words and his lying about it, that he wanted to appear "above the fray," and save his doomed position safely for the 2015 assembly.

Well, that did not last for long. Shortly after this declaration became public, Matteo Matzuzzi, religious correspondent for Il Foglio, tweeted back:

"Card. Kasper: 'I did not speak at the Synod'. But the official records of the Press Office show that he spoke on October 8, in the afternoon."

Could it be that lying is the entire foundation of his theology? No wonder, as Roberto de Mattei proved, his entire thesis on "communion for remarried divorcees" is based on an immensely and embarrassingly deceptive presentation of historical evidence. Is it possible that this is just the way his mind works always? If so, it does not appear that more "Church Tax Money" is the right answer.

Lie and threaten, lie and threaten, with the occasional disdainful remark: it seems to be his modus operandi. Does this merit a theological award or perhaps, rather, another kind of more thorough evaluation?

P.S. * Could it really be that the Establishment "Catholic media" ("other journalists", andere Journalisten) is entirely in his hands as he implies? It seems just so improbable!... Could it be that what the Cardinal implies is related to the German Church's "Tax Money", making the worldwide Establishment "Catholic media" a kind of informational courtesan? No, that couldn't be, it would be just too horrible to contemplate! If true, that is disastrous for the remaining tiny credibility of the Establishment media; if not, well, then it's just another lie. The Cardinal has a point, the Establishment "Catholic media" have been carrying his water for a very long time, even defending his words against Africa and Africans, which, had they been pronounced by a Conservative prelate, would have led to calls for the latter to be sent to Antarctica.