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Latest papal interview: Francis enjoys debating conservative bishops

Another interview of Pope Francis has been published, this time by La Nacion in Argentina.

As translated and reported by John-Henry Westen of Life Site News, the pope continued his theme from an earlier interview that he has "never been a right-winger" by noting he enjoys debating "very conservative" bishops.

In an interview with the pope, published October 5, reporter Joaquín Morales Solá at Argentina’s La Nacion newspaper asked if he was “worried” about the recent book by five cardinals opposing Kasper’s proposal, titled Remaining in the Truth of Christ: Marriage and Communion in the Catholic Church. Morales Solá said to the pope that the book is “critical of your positions.”

Francis “doesn’t answer” the question directly, according to Morales Solá, but says, “Everyone has something to contribute. I even enjoy debating with the very conservative, but intellectually well-formed bishops.”

Usually after an interview of Francis is published, liberals will cheer the content, and blind-obedience defenders from the Catholic establishment and/or neoconservative wing will question the translation, claim the content was taken out of context or propose the pope meant the opposite of what he said.  In this case the Vatican press office told Westen that its top officials there had no idea the interview was conducted.

Father Federico Lombardi, director of the Holy See Press Office, replied, “I have no knowledge of this interview; I know absolutely nothing about it. We didn’t publish it, therefore I have nothing to clarify, because, it is hardly known to me.” Father Thomas Rosica, English-language spokesman for the Synod, repeated that prior to LifeSiteNews’ question, the Vatican’s press office had no knowledge of the interview or its contents.