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The Dreadful Kasper:
- He was ready to destroy a man's livelihood and reputation to achieve his ends

Thank the Good Lord for smartphones and recording devices now available everywhere: if it hadn't been for them, Walter "Africans shut up" Kasper would have almost certainly ruined the livelihood, reputation, and integrity of a good man and excellent journalist. That is possibly as horrific as the things said by Kasper themselves, if not more.

As Matthew Archbold says:

Just a quick question. As we all know now, Cardinal Kasper gave an interview which Ed Pentin of the Register and Zenit reported on in which he denigrated the African bishops. When the outrage ensued, he denied ever giving the interview and said he'd never said any of those things. Pentin, however, taped the interview.

But here's my question. If he hadn't, Pentin's career would've been harmed. Possibly irreparably. Would Cardinal Kaspar have admitted to the interview or simply watched another man's life be possibly destroyed?

There's no answer. But perhaps we have our answer in that Cdl. Kaspar is now publicly faulting Pentin for not maintaining "journalistic methods" because he didn't know he was being taped.

He now says he was giving an interview to two other journalists and Pentin recorded it without his knowledge. So at first he did deny saying those things but now is just saying he didn't say it to Pentin. He just said it near him.

Sooo...I'm thinking we have our answer to my question. [Source]

So much for his "mercy"!

This once again shows how unbelievably difficult it is to fight Modernists: they are ready to do everything and anything to reach their goals (cf. Pascendi, paragraphs 2-3), which orthodox Christians are not. Worse: according to the "Forte Theology" of the partial Monday relatio -- even when Modernists actually do believe in something -- since all bad things have "semina Verbi" and "elements of sanctification", lying, cheating, and destroying are not even "sins" properly, but just "steps" of the path to an "ideal" of truth, faithfulness, and integrity that is nearly impossible to achieve...