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The Synod Will Be a Farce
- if the Kasper Legion's Attempt to Muzzle It Goes According To Plan

"With Annoying Paragraph 1650 Removed !"
"Hegel remarks somewhere that all great world-historic facts and characters appear, so to speak, twice. He forgot to add: the first time as tragedy, the second time as farce."

The famous line by Karl Marx from the first page of his "The 18th Brumaire of Louis Napoleon" is one of his few to have survived unscathed the test of time, and for good reason. In the following lines, he goes on in another one of his odious tirades against the past ("the tradition of dead generations"), but the sentiment expressed in those powerful first lines is not incorrect -- his view of Tradition is. Half a century later, the great Spanish Catholic thinker Eugeni d'Ors would express it in a much more elegant way: "All that is not Tradition is plagiarism." (Todo lo que no es Tradición es plagio.)

The tragedy that was the Second Vatican Council (and we use the word tragedy in its purest sense here, not necessarily as criticism), the drama of those years in which mostly naïve Fathers were manipulated by a well-organized and extremely well-funded malicious minority into accepting a modernization not according to the true renewal that has always made the Church fresh and ready (from Nicea II to Trent, from Saint Gregory VII to Saint Pius X), a renewal based on pure Catholic and Apostolic Tradition, but according to the criteria of an ever-changing decadent Western society in a specific moment in its history -- that tragedy is repeating itself before our eyes in this two-act Synod of Bishops. But instead of the great characters of that dramatic period, our protagonist is a buffoon who, despite being completely rebuffed by John Paul II and Joseph Ratzinger in his pathetic ideas 30 years ago, cannot believe his luck: his absurd anti-Catholic positions that make a mockery of the faith are being given a place of honor now...

The 2014-2015 Synod of Bishops is being planned and may unfold as a summarily unfinished chapter of Vatican II, as the Vatican II of Modern Sexual Mores and "the Modern Family". If the post-war progressive Western "Man" of the 1960s was the template of the tragic Council, there is every sign that the Synod will be muzzled and manipulated so that the collapsed and ravaged remains of shattered families and sexual perversions of our decade in Europe and the Americas provide the template for the farcical Kasperite Exercise in "Synodality".

Kasper, moved mostly by love for the Church Tax - "for the love of money is the root of all evil" - is in fact acting as the steward of the progressive plans. Not only the 2,000-year constant teaching of the Catholic Church on marriage and eucharistic communion is being challenged by him and his farcical Legion. The whole edifice of personal mores rooted in the immutable Tradition of the Church is once again being challenged by the legion because they could never accept that "Progressive Paul" himself could have "betrayed" them in such a hideous fashion in 1968.


It is forever 1968 for those who wish transform the whole spotless Faith of Our Lord Jesus Christ into farce. 

In his anti-Christian "crusade" to allow German Dissident Catholics to keep paying, with a "clear conscience", their annual Church Tax on their joyful pilgrimage to self-contentment, Kasper is not content with dismantling part by part the dogma of the indissolubility of marriage. Now he also feels confident enough in his own position to publicly downplay Humanae Vitae. On Vatican Radio. In order to make clear his complete audacity, his unprecedented hubris, and his absolute worldly Princely power and dominion over the temporal domains of the Holy See:

Q: Was Pope Paul VI wrong not to listen to the majority of lay couples on the commission discussing contraception back in the 1960s?

A: I have a high esteem for Paul VI, he was a prophetic pope in a very difficult situation of the church after 1968 and so on. He was concerned to remain in the truth and not give up something, but I think it’s also a question of the interpretation of this encyclical Humanae Vitae because he was the first pope who spoke in ‘personalistic’ terminology about marriage – it was new! So in the light of this general approach we have to interpret what he said about contraception and so on, and I think what he said is true, but it’s not a casuistic we can deduce from it, it’s an ideal and we have to tell people, but then we have also to respect the conscience of the couples.

It's always been about Humanae Vitae. Always. All this dangerous playing around with some of the most delicate dogmatic concepts of the Church - the indissolubility of marriage, the validity of penance, state of grace, sacrilege in the distribution of the Blessed Sacrament - and all they had in mind was Humanae Vitae. They simply  cannot get over it. What about Pius XI and Pius XII before Paul VI?... What about John Paul II after him? -- they were even more "personalistic". The permanent Doctrine of the Church was no farce for those men, as it is for Kasper. And many bishops today do disagree with this planned destruction of the Apostolic Faith -- which is why, in order to make it work according to the Kasperites' plan, the Synod will have to be muzzled.


Marco Tosatti explains in a text published this Friday exactly how Kasper's Legion plan to muzzle the Synod and transform it into the farce they have prepared. 

Muzzle on the Synod. Why?
Marco Tosatti
La Stampa
October 3, 2014

For the first time in its decades-long history a Synod of Bishops will be held mainly behind closed doors. The public could not be present even at the many Synods in the past, but ALL of the reports, from those of the Archbishop of Milan to the last diocese in Patagonia, were published daily, either in detail or in a summary.

Instead at this Synod none of the presentations will be made public.

It is quite surprising that this is happening in the reign of a Pontiff who is the most “modern” and “progressive” in recent history - at least judging by the choices he makes and by the rhetorical style he uses. Not even during the pontificates of the “conservatives”, St. John Paul II and Benedict XVI, were the bishops ever “muzzled.”

Let’s take a look at some of the stages in the proceedings. The participants were asked to send in their personal written report before September 8, 2014. In the form that indicated how the presentation had to be formulated, [the Fathers] were asked to indicate the “number” of the preparatory Document, the instrumentum laboris, they referred to, and the part of the “number” concerning their report. Evidently, they did not want the presentations to cover general themes, perhaps considered dangerous. Is it being done this way to prevent a reaction against what is said in the Aula?

The journalists – and the public – will find out what happened at a press conference when the press office spokesmen will give a general idea of the debate. Only one for all languages…

Hypothesis: could it be that, from the written reports, the thesis championed by Kasper (who continues almost daily to give interviews), was seen to be opposed by the great majority (from Berlin to the Philippines); and that this fact had to be prevented from appearing blatant, gaining, perhaps, some freedom of movement after the Synod, through proposals, messages etc.,?

On the other hand, if one throws a rock into a pond, then he must not get frightened by the waves.

And communion begins with the freedom to disagree  openly. Peter and Paul had many lively confrontations. Both Acts and the Letters reported accounts of their words…

And what is also a little surprising – possibly it’s our ignorance, and if so, we are willing to make amends – is the strange passivity of non-reaction by the media to the news that, for the first time, in order to know about the Synod, they will have to steer a middle course between an official position and rumor, without checking any [original] documents. [Source, in Italian. Translation: Contributor Francesca Romana.]

The battle is about to begin - billions of souls in the present and in the future hang in the balance.