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Don Pietro Leone has a new book out - buy it on Amazon

Do you remember Don Pietro Leone? This is the nom de plume of a priest in peaceful communion with his diocesan Ordinary who is dedicated exclusively to the celebration of the Traditional Mass, and years ago Rorate posted in installments his great study dedicated to the Roman Rite: "The Roman Rite: Old and New".

Well, now Don Pietro Leone has a new book out, on the most pressing issue of the day in these troublesome times in the Church: the Family and Christian Marriage. What is breaking apart the family? Why is the relevance of the Sacrament of Matrimony so misunderstood? The grave problem of divorce and its unfathomable consequences for the soul. 

It's called The Family Under Attack, and you can find it on both sides of the Atlantic, on Amazon and on Amazon UK.

We will have excerpts of this work shortly here, but by buying the book you can help Father's intellectual apostolate and research.