Rorate Caeli

Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society: Eighty-fifth posting of Souls

Readers: please offer your Masses today for the Souls enrolled in the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society.
Below, please find the eighty-fifth posting of enrolled Souls of the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society on this All Souls Day.

We have added two more priests saying a Traditional Latin Mass for the tens of thousands of enrolled souls and are now at 42 priests in the Purgatorial Society.
Priests: The Souls still need more of you saying Mass for them! Please email me to offer your services. There's nothing special involved -- all you need to do is offer a weekly or monthly TLM with the intention: "For the Souls enrolled in the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society."

The overwhelming majority of our priests are diocesan with all the time crunches that parish life brings. So we are making a special plea today for you traditional order priests -- join the Society! Our traditional Mass only priests must lead by example. This is a great way to do just that. We are only asking for one TLM a week or a month. Nothing more. 

How to enroll souls: please email me at and submit as follows: "Name, State, Country." If you want to enroll entire families, simply write in the email: "The Jones family, Ohio, USA". Individual names are preferred. Be greedy -- send in as many as you wish and forward this posting to friends as well. And please follow this formatting strictly. 

Please consider forwarding this Society to your family and friends, announcing from the pulpit during Holy Mass or listing in your church bulletin. We need to spread the word and relieve more suffering souls.

Please pray for the enrolled Souls and the 42 holy priests saying Traditional Masses for the Society:

"For all the souls enrolled in the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society: Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May their souls and the souls of all the Faithful departed rest in peace. Amen."

Then ...

Almighty and ever living God,
we ask Thy blessing upon the priests
who offer Masses for the Purgatorial Society.
Give them a greater awareness of the grace
that Thou dost pour out through the Sacraments,
and by their devout celebration of the Sacred Mysteries,
increase in them a love for Thee.
Give strength to Thy priests, O Shepherd of the flock;
when they are in doubt, give them the assurance of faith,
and in Thy goodness confirm them as heralds of Thy Truth
to all who seek to follow in Thy path.
We ask this through Our Lord Jesus Christ, Eternal Priest,
Who lives and reigns with Thee in the unity with the Holy Ghost,
God, for ever and ever. Amen.

Enrolled Souls of the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society:

NB: These are only the names from this week. The entire list is tens of thousands of souls long and cannot be reproduced week after week publicly. 
Eliseo de Guzman, Manila, Philippines

Daphne Mary Foulds, Maharashtra, India

Silvano Agak, Kenya, Africa

Jacek Kosior, Zmysłówka, Poland

Marilyn Winham, New York, United States

Violet Bielski, New York, United States

Mrs. Josephine Stephen, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Vendelin Mucka, Slovakia, Europe

Stefan Hribs Mother, Slovakia, Europe

Emily Lockley, London, England

Benjamin Lockley, London, England

Palmira Silva, London, England

Peter Conan, Ireland

Patricia Clyne, Longford, Ireland

João Ferro, Beja, Portugal

António Coelho, Beja, Portugal

Francisco Baião, Beja, Portugal

Francisco Manuel Rouco, Beja, Portugal

José Amaro, Beja, Portugal

Antónia Ritta, Beja, Portugal

Francisco Aleixo, Beja, Portugal

João Gordo, Beja, Portugal

Ana Alfundra, Beja, Portugal

Maria da Conceição Farinho, Beja, Portugal

Felizarda Maria, Beja, Portugal

José Navalhinhas, Beja, Portugal

José de Brito, Beja, Portugal

António Amaro, Beja, Portugal

António Vidigueira, Beja, Portugal

Bento Louro, Beja, Portugal

Michelina das Dores, Beja, Portugal

José Nunes, Beja, Portugal

Maria da Conceição Baião, Beja, Portugal

Francisco António Pegas, Beja, Portugal

Joaquim Duarte, Cuba, Portugal

José Maria Leitão, Cuba, Portugal

Luzia Barbara Ramos, Cuba, Portugal

António Charrua, Cuba, Portugal

António Viola, Cuba, Portugal

José Felizardo Orelha, Cuba, Portugal

Francisco Barriguinha, Cuba, Portugal

Manuel Martins Faria, Cuba, Portugal

Joaquim Janeiro, Cuba, Portugal

Joaquim da Costa, Cuba, Portugal

Maria Ursula, Cuba, Portugal

Maria José Cerejo, Cuba, Portugal

Jazué Mourata, Cuba, Portugal

Domingos Mourata, Cuba, Portugal

Maria da Luz Pastana, Cuba, Portugal

Maria Carrasquinha, Cuba, Portugal

Candida Maria Roberto, Cuba, Portugal

Bruno António, Cuba, Portugal

José Ramos, Cuba, Portugal

João Troles, Cuba, Portugal

Guilhermina Rita Torres, Cuba, Portugal

Joaquim Piteira, Cuba, Portugal

João Bisga, Cuba, Portugal

Francisco Fialho Polucia, Vidigueira, Portugal

João Duro, Bombeja, Portugal

José Joaquim Coelho, Faro do Alentejo, Portugal

António José de Castro, Algarve, Portugal

António Serrano, Redondo, Portugal

Francisco Rodrigues, Guimarães, Portugal

Maria do Ó d'Arcos, Alosno, España

Jerry Muth, Napa , CA , USA

Bob Obranovich, Napa , CA , USA

October Ellia Rose Thomason, Napa , CA USA

Roger Williams, Vallejo , CA USA

Jesse & Elizabeth Warren, Georgia , USA

William & Elizabeth Smith , Alabama , USA

Vallentino Liberace, Los Angeles , CA , USA

J. Butzer New York USA

T. Tercero Calif. USA

Pedro Bornilla, Albay, Philippines

Apolinaria Canale, Albay, Philippines

Vicente Canale, Albay, Philippines

Jaime Olida, Baguio, Philippines

Miko Sanchez, Manila, Philippines

Ludivico Gaylan, Masbate, Philippines

Jose Bermudez, Manila, Philippines

Maura Bermudez, Manila, Philippines

Wenceslao Mariano, Manila, Philippines

Rosenda Mariano, Manila, Philippines

Ruth Lund, CA, USA

Arthur Lund, CA, USA

Regina Ashman, British Columbia, Canada

Lidwina Catherine Cox, British Columbia, Canada

Nikola Dunat, British Columbia, Canada

Gordon Francis Keilback, British Columbia, Canada

Maureen Jeannine Meagher, British Columbia, Canada

Mrs. Josephine Stephen, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

David Trendell, Oregon, USA

Maria de los Angeles Fuentes, Tamaulipas, Mexico

Alberto Salazar, Mexico City, Mexico

Tomás Aldana Ramirez, Mexico City, Mexico

Lili de Aldana, Mexico City, Mexico

Frank Lopez, Lakewood, California, USA

Joseph Scott, California, U.S.A.

Frances Sarmiento, California, U.S.A.

Pete Sarmiento, California, U.S.A.

Peter Sarmiento, California, U.S.A.

Edward Sarmiento, California, U.S.A.

Perfecto Bandalan, California, U.S.A.

Thomas Bandalan, California, U.S.A.

John Bandalan, California, U.S.A.

Orma Lucy, California, U.S.A.

Joanne Huey, California, U.S.A.

Harry Lew, California, U.S.A.

Danny Chen, New York, U.S.A.

Robert Wong, California, U.S.A.

William Gee, California, U.S.A.

Fred Ushijima, California, U.S.A.

Mami Toy, California, U.S.A.

Margarita Gutierrez, California, U.S.A.

Dianne Brown, California,U.S.A.

Judy Peters, California, U.S.A.

David Jow, California, U.S.A.

Joseph Scott, California, U.S.A.

Frances Sarmiento, California, U.S.A.

Pete Sarmiento, California, U.S.A.

Peter Sarmiento, California, U.S.A.

Edward Sarmiento, California, U.S.A.

Perfecto Bandalan, California, U.S.A.

Thomas Bandalan, California, U.S.A.

John Bandalan, California, U.S.A.

Orma Lucy, California, U.S.A.

Joanne Huey, California, U.S.A.

Harry Lew, California, U.S.A.

Danny Chen, New York, U.S.A.

Robert Wong, California, U.S.A.

William Gee, California, U.S.A.

Fred Ushijima, California, U.S.A.

Mami Toy, California, U.S.A.

Margarita Gutierrez, California, U.S.A.

Dianne Brown, California,U.S.A.

Judy Peters, California, U.S.A.

David Jow, California, U.S.A.

Tom Menino, Mass., USA

Felipe Vecino, Makati, Philippines

Felisa Vecino, Makati, Philippines

Florentino Vecino, Angono, Philippines

Felipe Vecino Jr., Makati, Philippines

Jose Raymundo, Pateros, Philippines

Pacita Laiz, Toronto, Canada

Bernardino Flores, New Jersey, USA

Medalia Frias, Tarlac, Philippines

Andres Frias, Tarlac, Philippines

Rosalina Frias, Tarlac, Philippines

Elsa Frias, Manila, Philippines

Gaudencia Montes, Caloocan, Philippines

Rufino Montes, Caloocan, Philippines

Enerlund Lenon, Tarlac, Philippines

Fr. Godfried Aldenhuijsen, CICM, Manila, Philippines

Phero Hoan, Texas, USA

Fr. Victor Badillo, SJ, Metro Manila, Philippines

Ramón Torres Martinez, Mexico City, Mexico City

Enrique del Moral, Mexico City, Mexico City

Augusto H. Alvarez, Mexico City, Mexico City

Pedro Ramirez Vazquez, Mexico City, Mexico City

Hector Velazquez, Mexico City, Mexico City

Mario Borgatti, New York USA

Mollie Regan, Pennsylvania, USA

Pauline Allen  Bath United Kingdom

Philip George Allen Bristol UK

Winifred & Joel Allen Bristol UK

The Lewis Family St. Davids Wales

The O'Keefe Family Bristol UK

Rodolfo Silva, Tucuman, Argentina

Carmela Dori, Tucuman Argentina

Anuar Japaze, Tucuman, Argentina

Sara Japaze, Tucuman Argentina

Fr. Lorenzo Albacete, New York, USA

Danny Oliver, California, USA

Fernando E. Agdamag Jr., Philippines

Renato P. Gonzalez, Philippines

Patrice Vincent, Quebec, Canada

Jose Rodriguez B., Zacatecas, Mexico

Armando Rodriguez B., Zacatecas, Mexico

Fatima Rodriguez, Zacatecas, Mexico

J. Ascencion Rodriguez, Zacatecas, Mexico

Maria Santos Gonzalez, Zacatecas, Mexico

Liborio Rodriguez , Zacatecas, Mexico

Genoveva Rodriguez , Zacatecas, Mexico

Fausto Banuelos , Zacatecas, Mexico

Paula Banuelos , Zacatecas, Mexico

Salvador Torres , Zacatecas, Mexico

Enedina Torres , Zacatecas, Mexico

Jorge Chavez , Zacatecas, Mexico

Jesus Torres , Zacatecas, Mexico

Maria Guadalupe Mendez , Zacatecas, Mexico

Maria Trinidad Mejia , Zacatecas, Mexico

Teodolo Mejia , Zacatecas, Mexico

Fortunato Mejia , Zacatecas, Mexico

Rosa Mejia , Zacatecas, Mexico

Baudelia Chavez , Zacatecas, Mexico

Felix Chavez , Zacatecas, Mexico

Jesus Esparza , Zacatecas, Mexico

Ester Guardado , Zacatecas, Mexico

Pedro Chavez , Zacatecas, Mexico

J. Guadalupe Chavez , Zacatecas, Mexico

Jorge Lozano Nunez , Zacatecas, Mexico

Maria Concepcion Robles , Zacatecas, Mexico

Mauricio , Zacatecas, Mexico

Silvana Lopez , Zacatecas, Mexico

Viviano Nunez , Zacatecas, Mexico

Maria del Carmen Nunez , Zacatecas, Mexico

Roberto Hernandez , Zacatecas, Mexico

Juaquin Tovar , Zacatecas, Mexico

Fermin Briones , Zacatecas, Mexico

Raul Rivas , Zacatecas, Mexico

Ascencion Murillo , Zacatecas, Mexico

Salvador Ruiz , Zacatecas, Mexico

Eliazar Gonzalez , Zacatecas, Mexico

Chonita , Zacatecas, Mexico

Trino Mercado , Zacatecas, Mexico

Alfonso Arteaga , Zacatecas, Mexico

Aristeo Diaz , Zacatecas, Mexico

Rosario Castrellon , Zacatecas, Mexico

Balbino Banuelos , Zacatecas, Mexico

Jesus Velazquez , Zacatecas, Mexico

Emperatriz, California, USA

Gil, California, USA

Robert Lee, Virginia, USA

Gregory Hesse, Vienna, Austria

Eric Williams, California, USA

Luka Kuhar, Ohio, USA

Jozefa Kuhar, Ohio, USA

Benjamin Bernard, WV, USA

Adelina Bernard, OH, USA

Frank Bernard, WV, USA

Kuhar family, OH, USA

Rebolj family, OH, USA

Bernard family, WV, USA

DeFazio family, WV, USA

Sacco family, WV, USA

Nathan Cirillo, Upper Canada, Canada

Patrice Vincent, Lower Canada, Canada

Johanna M Ryan, Illinois, USA

John J Ryan, Illinois, USA

James E Ryan, Illinois, USA

Susan E Ryan, Illinois, USA

Beverly R Ryan, Illinois, USA

Timothy J Ryan, Illinois, USA

Kevin R Born, Pennsylvania, USA

Marie Born, Pennsylvania, USA

V Ronald Born, Illinois, USA

Rose M Toth, Illinois, USA

Steve E Toth, Illinois, USA

Marie V Hefferan, Illinois, USA

Edward A Hefferan, Illinois, USA

Georgia E Seibert, Illinois, USA

Francis M Seibert, Illinois, USA

Edward V Seibert, Illinois, USA

Ethel Dolly Seibert, Illinois, USA

Johanna Marie Leonard, Illinois, USA

Lester Leonard, Illinois, USA

Lester Leonard Jr, Illinois, USA

Mary F Bright, Illinois, USA

Kenneth Bright, Illinois, USA

Theresa A Sroufek, Indiana, USA

Albert F Sroufek,  Indiana, USA

Ronald Seibert, Illinois, USA

Thomas Seibert, Illinois, USA

Norma Jean Baxter, Illinois, USA

Alex  Baxter, Illinois, USA

Herbert J Seibert, Illinois, USA

Marie Seibert, Illinois, USA

Anthony Seibert, Illinois, USA

Agnes Seibert, Illinois, USA

Helen Seibert, Illinois, USA

Carol Ann Seibert, Illinois, USA

James J Ryan, Tipperary, Ireland

Margaret Ryan, Illinois, USA

Tobias Burke, Illinois, USA

Katherine Burke, Illinois, USA

William Burke, Illinois, USA

David Ryan, Illinois, USA

Marie Ryan, Illinois, USA

David J Ryan Jr, Illinois, USA

Dennis J Mahoney,  Illinois, USA

Mary Mahoney, Illinois, USA

David Ryan Jr, Illinois, USA

Josephine Smith, Illinois, USA

William Smith, Illinois, USA

Winifred Doctor, Illinois, USA

David J LeMay, Illinois, USA

Ethel M LeMay, Illinois, USA

Bonnie Noren, Illinois, USA

Josephine K Koop, Illinois, USA

Mary Royce, Illinois, USA

Laura Gross, Illinois, USA

Daniel Ryan, Illinois, USA

Lois M Kinzel, Illinois, USA

Joseph A Eichberger, Illinois, USA 

Rosalia C Kress, Illinois, USA 

James J Burke, Illinois, USA 

James E Moroney, Illinois, USA   

Agnes Maroney, Illinois, USA 

Elizabeth Marx, Illinois, USA 

George J Marx, Illinois, USA 

Michael A Mele, Florida, USA 

Carmella Mele, Illinois, USA 

LJ Simmons, Illinois, USA 

Terry Pasquale, Illinois, USA 

Les Mosher, Illinois, USA 

David Berke, Illinois, USA 

Sophie Berke, Illinois, USA 

William Silverstein, Illinois, USA 

Rosemary Gasero, Illinois, USA 

Mr Pollock, Illinois, USA 

Rolland Carlson, Illinois, USA 

Henry Monheimer, Illinois, USA 

Mr & Mrs LeCompte, Illinois, USA 

Mr & Mrs McMahon, Illinois, USA 

Mr & Mrs McCormick, Illinois, USA 

Mr & Mrs Lawler, Illinois, USA 

Mr & Mrs Raymond Reardon, Illinois, USA 

Sylvia M Marach, Illinois, USA

Robert Novak Jr, Illinois, USA

Mr & Mrs Stanley Wronski, Illinois, USA

Thomas Hartney, Illinois, USA

Mr & Mrs Francis O'Grady

Louis Gilyard, Illinois, USA

Rolina Gilyard, Illinois, USA

Fr. Benedict Groeschel NY, USA

Richard Collins, UK

David Pardington MI, USA

Sister Jean Stickney, IL, USA

Sister Kab Kyoung Kim IL, USA

Helen Hull Hitchcock, MO, USA

Brian St. Peter, Massachusetts USA

Rita Merullo, Massachusetts USA

Lisa Tocco, MAssachusetts ,USA

Ron Tocco, Massachusetts USA

Christoher Russo, Massachusetts ,USA

Helen Massa, Massachusetts ,USA

Tony Sbarra, Massachusetts USA

Paul Goodwin, Massachusetts USA

Doris Girard, Massachusetts USA

Kenneth Girard, Massachusetts USA

Helen Van Stry, Massachusetts, USA

Tony Dufour, South Carolina USA

Lelia Dupuis, New York , USA

Nathan Cirillo, Ontario, Canada

Rosemary Scot, British Columbia, Canada

Salvatore Bertolone, British Columbia, Canada

Helen Marie Forrest, British Columbia, Canada

Antonio Gallo, British Columbia, Canada

Rose Anne Gdyk, British Columbia, Canada

Teresa Mazzei, British Columbia, Canada

Franco Pingitore, British Columbia, Canada

Lily Wagstaff, North Lanarkshire, Scotland

Alan Cairney, North Lanarkshire, Scotland

Marianne Kerr, Glasgow, Scotland

Robert Kerr, Glasgow, Scotland

Bridget Snow, North Lanarkshire, Scotland

Mary Kirkland, North Lanarkshire, Scotland

George O'Donnell, North Lanarkshire, Scotland

Joyce McKeegans, North Lanarkshire, Scotland

Teresa and Owen Gallagher, north Lanarkshire, Scotland

Cathy and Joe McDade, North Lanarkshire, Scotland

Ena McDade, North Lanarkshire, Scotland

Robert and Annmarie Bannen, North Lanarkshire, Scotland

Veronica Kerr, Glasgow, Scotland

Helen Hull Hitchcock, Missouri, USA

Ms Madeleine Maheu, Aurora, Ontario, Canada

O'Rahilly Family Shanballa Co. Cork

Halloran Family Shanballa

O'Keefe Family Cullen Co. Cork

May's Family Dernagree Co. Cork

Cissie's Family Dernagree Co. Cork

Mother Filedis Texas

Sr. Adela Texas

Canon O'Neill Co. Kerry

Fr. Raybeau Texas

Dan Kelleher Canada

Concetta Monti, New York, USA

Iluminada Antonio, New York, USA

Ziba Ghasser, BC, Canada

Francesca Bolognese, British Columbia, Canada

Arthur Conway, British Columbia, Canada

Charles George Frizell, British Columbia, Canada

Fr. Paul Hagel, OSB, British Columbia, Canada

Ankica Hecimovic, British Columbia, Canada

Michael Van Adrichem, British Columbia, Canada

María del Rosario Fuentes Rubio, Tampico Tamaulipas, Mexico

John Berry, New York, USA

Alice Kiley, New York, USA

Michelle Berry, New York, USA

Tricia Berry, New York, USA

Frank Turner, New York, USA

Sue Benson, New York, USA

Mary Balcom, New York, USA

Rose Cunningham, New York, USA

 Leighton Balcom, New York, USA

April Czekala, New York, USA

Mary Berry, New York, USA

Leo Berry, New York, USA

Margaret Mattice, New York, USA

Kathryn Griffith, New York, USA

John Malane, New York, USA

Rebecca Malane, New York, USA

James Malane, New York, USA

Elizabeth Malane, New York, USA

Margaret Shields, New Jersey, USA

Elizabeth Shields, New Jersey, USA

Hugh Shields, New Jersey, USA

Nellie Shields, Connecticut, USA

Alice Shields, Connecticut, USA

Elizabeth Malane, New York, USA

David Malane, New York, USA

Frederick Whiting, Florida, USA

David Berry, New York, USA

Regina Berry, New York, USA

John Kiley, New York, USA

Kathleen Balcom, New York, USA

Miguel R. Littaua, Philippines

Christian Dominic Gozos, Philippines

Robert J. Madden, New Hampshire , USA

Diane LaPlante , New Hampshire , USA

Billy Morrill , New Hampshire , USA

Nick Marro , New Hampshire , USA

Chad Denning, Texas, USA

Craig Major, Alberta, Canada

Francisco de Moraes Campos, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

José Pimentel, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Sonia, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Bautista Colombres, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Don Felici Fernando, IC, Stresa, Italy

Yolanda Milhe, Oregon USA

Charles Joseph Gawley, New York, USA

Joseph Gerwel, Missouri, USA

Raymond Jacobson, Missouri, USA

Frank Goessler Sr., Missouri, USA

Jim Boldt New York, USA

Matthew Cervantes, Illinois, USA

Aaron Talley, Minnesota, USA

Tracy Morris Sigman, Connecticut, USA

Robert Neumann, Illinois, USA

Frank Coffin, Indiana, USA

Deborah Ladin Roberts, Massachusetts, USA

Raymond J. Criddle, Illinois, USA

Paul W. Purdy, Sr., Mississippi, USA

Karen Smith, Ohio, USA

John Richard Smith, Ohio, USA

Mary Conrad, Ohio, USA

Charles Conrad II, Ohio, USA

Charles Conrad III, Ohio, USA

Fritz Klassen, Ohio, USA

Martha Klassen, Ohio, USA

Irene Webber, Ohio, USA

Norman Webber, Ohio, USA

Helen Smith, Ohio, USA

Carlton Smith, Ohio, USA

Robert Smith, Ohio, USA

Russell Smith, Ohio, USA

Anne Catherine Smith, Colorado, USA

Mary Margaret Smith, Colorado, USA

Aileen Elizabeth Smith, Ohio, USA

Michael Jeffrey Smith, Ohio, USA

Molly Brigid Smith, Ohio, USA

Maureen Ann Smith, Ohio, USA

Jeffrey Lee Smith, Ohio, USA

Susan Pepon, Ohio, USA

George Pepon, Ohio, USA

Father Gaetano Menegatto CSJ, Ohio, USA

Father John J Kline, Ohio, USA

Father Frank Smith S.J., Ohio, USA

Father John D Smith S.J., Patna Bihar, India

Jack Edward Brown, Ohio, USA

Barry Paghi, Ohio, USA

Nelson Aponte, Ohio, USA

William Brown, Ohio, USA

Wayne Long, Ohio, USA

David Wrice, Ohio, USA

Raymond West, Ohio, USA

Raymond Stanziano, Ohio, USA

John David Webber, California, USA

John Gersak, California, USA

Andrew Gersak, Ohio, USA

Susan Gersak, Ohio, USA

Mary H Gersak, California, USA

Lawrence Webber, Ohio, USA

Peter Arthur Webber, Ohio, USA

Maria Cybriwsky, PA, USA

Paul Pilon, Sr., ON, Canada

Patricia Pilon, ON, Canada

Jerry Bowden, OH, USA

Jack Hottinger, OH, USA

Tyler Grossett, OH, USA

Steve Setter, OH, USA

Anna Salak, OH, USA

Eugene Mincer, OH, USA

Fr. Paul Archambault, MA, USA

Ihor Rakowsky, AZ, USA

Nicholas Joseph Yurko, Irving, TX

Ivo Joaquin Perez, FL, USA

Lynne Pedlowe, California, USA

Richard Collins, UK

Rina Shook, California, USA

Gizella Pal Kisdorog, Tolna m.  Hungary

George Csihas Toronto, ON   Canada

Maria Bajusz  Toronto, ON   Canada

Cattie O'brien NY, USA

Sandra Gayle Suydam, Louisiana, USA

Velma Trickey, Cochrane, Alberta, Canada

Father Ricardo Román, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Norman Hamel, Alberta, Canada

Thomas Eric Duncan, Liberia

Sara Zadana, PA, USA

Jack Zadana, PA, USA

Mike Miles, PA, USA

Betty Miles, PA, USA

Harry Walter, PA, USA

Lois Walter, PA, USA

Joseph Walter, VA, USA

Lidia Walter, VA, USA

Mary Walter, VA, USA

Edwin Walter, PA, USA

Lillian Walter, PA, USA

Sissy Walter, PA, USA

Ed Walter, Jr, PA, USA

Lawrence Walter, PA, USA

Sr. Veronica Kelly, PA, USA

James McKeith, CA, USA

Charles Stanton, PA, USA

Elmer Stanton, PA, USA

William Foot, PA, USA

Robert Walter, PA, USA

Fr. Raymond Campbell, PA, USA

Mrs. Beiber, PA, USA

Frank Warner, PA, USA

James McGowan, PA, USA

Florence Parker, VA, USA

Mary Perchalski, FL, USA

Martin Schlatter, FL, USA

George Dobson, Queensland, Australia

Myron Palermo, Louisiana, USA

Else Bjørna Halben, Denmark

Robert Peter Groeschel, Totowa, NJ

Rosemary Connacher, Florida, USA

The Wright Family NY, USA

The Pop/Ical Family  Belize, Central America

Maria Ical Pop Belize,Central America

Laurence Wright NY USA

Joseph And Josephine Capece-NY USA

Eric Bredenberg NY, USA

Father Benedict Groeschel NY, USA

Maria Gabriella Battistella, British Columbia, Canada

Marino Piana, British Columbia, Canada
Reginald Gerard Watters, British Columbia, Canada

Olga Wolfe, British Columbia, Canada

Igino Zanotto, British Columbia, Canada

Lucia Bicego, British Columbia, Canada

Vincenzo Figliuzzi, British Columbia, Canada

Ladislav Gradecak, British Columbia, Canada

Karl-Heinz Lange, British Columbia, Canada

Anita Pillay, British Columbia, Canada

Carmine Velenosi, British Columbia, Canada

Vincenzo Giuseppe Aballini, British Columbia, Canada

Wanda de Tina, British Columbia, Canada

Paula Startup Hepburn, British Columbia, Canada

Margaret Isabel Masse, British Columbia, Canada

Jerrett Richard Williams, British Columbia, Canada

Maria Di Tomaso, British Columbia, Canada

Richard James Dowling, British Columbia, Canada

Eric Lee, British Columbia, Canada

Stefan Petelycky, British Columbia, Canada

Antonio Domenico Barone, British Columbia, Canada

Lucia Bacchitta Fronteddu, British Columbia, Canada

Christina Cock Ing Lo, British Columbia, Canada

Bro. Edward Joseph Lynch, OMI, British Columbia, Canada

Colin John Procter, British Columbia, Canada

Nancy Jane Ready, British Columbia, Canada

Isabell Tees Wray, British Columbia, Canada

Henry Raymond Killeen, British Columbia, Canada

Michelina Luongo, British Columbia, Canada

Dorothy Molly Pukesh, British Columbia, Canada

James Bailey, Florida, USA

Jamie Auxier, Florida, USA

Hilary and Pearl Payne, Florida, USA

Paul and Sara Levesque, Florida, USA

Herbert and Hazel Bailey, WV, USA

Fr. Anthony Chepanis, Florida, USA

Fr. David Baeten, Wisconsin, USA

Paquito Campos Jr., Metro Manila, Philippines

James Featherstone, New York, USA

Alberta Kenny, New York, USA

Archbishop Thomas Aloysius Boland, New Jersey, USA

Father Thomas Ross, OFM, New Jersey, USA

Father Gommar DePauw, New York, USA

Father Marcellus McCartney, OFM, New York, USA

Joseph Lance McCrary, New Jersey, USA

Arthur Brown, New Jersey, USA

Evelyn Brown, New Jersey, USA

James Hollywood, New Jersey, USA

Amelia Ward, New Jersey, USA

Barbara Anderson, New Jersey, USA

Edith Montalbano, New Jersey, USA

Steven Montalbano, New Jersey, USA

Kathleen Coyle, New Jersey, USA

Edward Coyle, New Jersey, USA

Rina Ferrari, New Jersey, USA

Carol Touvey, New Jersey, USA

Gregory Tomasheski, New Jersey, USA

Ellen Cohen, New Jersey, USA

Harold Cohen, New Jersey, USA

Margaret Goggins, New Jersey, USA

Francis Goggins, New Jersey, USA

Thomas Cavanaugh, New Jersey, USA

Salvatore Joseph Grillo, New Jersey, USA

Vincent Delaney, New Jersey, USA

Nancy Torres, Puerto Rico, USA

John F. Connallon, New Jersey, USA

Geraldine Connallon, New Jersey, USA

John Joseph Connallon, New Jersey, USA

Nora Connallon, New Jersey, USA

Henry Lembeck, New Jersey, USA

Raymond Laracy, New Jersey, USA

Margaret Cowan, New Jersey, USA

James Cowan, New Jersey, USA

The Lamberti family, New Jersey, USA

The Koumi family, New Jersey, USA

The Gibbons family, New Jersey, USA

The Soltys family, New Jersey, USA

The Grillo family, New Jersey, USA

The McCrary family, New Jersey, USA

The Gironda family, New Jersey, USA

The Mazzoucola family, New Jersey, USA

The Montalbano family, New Jersey, USA

The Castellano family, New Jersey, USA

The Lanni family, New Jersey, USA

The Perricone family, New Jersey, USA

The Muench family, New Jersey, USA

The McGuire family, New Jersey, USA

The Fuentes family, New Jersey, USA

The Sisk family, New Jersey, USA

The Gilhooley family, New Jersey, USA

The Gilson family, New Jersey, USA

The Larkins family, New Jersey, USA

The Boland family, New Jersey, USA

The McGovern family, New Jersey, USA

The Torres family, New Jersey, USA

The Cowan family, New Jersey, USA

The Lembeck family, New Jersey, USA

The Weinstein family, New York, USA

The Stack family, Monaghan, Ireland

Corinda Rocheleau, Michigan, USA

Mary Monica Barrett, New Jersey, USA

James Aloysius Barrett, New Jersey, USA

Thomas Barrett, Sr., New Jersey, USA

Anna Barrett, New Jersey, USA

Anne Barrett, New Jersey, USA

Veronica Barrett, New Jersey, USA

Joseph Barrett, New Jersey, USA

Thomas Barrett, Jr., New Jersey, USA

Walter Barrett, New Jersey, USA

Donald Barrett, New Jersey, USA

Angelina Barrett, New Jersey, USA

Gertrude Barrett, New Jersey, USA

Mary Nacion Barrett, New Jersey, USA

Marge Barrett, New Jersey, USA

Richard Barrett, New Jersey, USA

Anne Smiley Barrett, New Jersey, USA

Daniel Barrett, New Jersey, USA

Anne McGee, New Jersey, USA

Dennis McGee, New Jersey, USA

Margaret O'Grady, New Jersey, USA

Joseph Lindsay, New Jersey, USA

George Smith, New Jersey, USA

John Joseph Geraghty, Sr., New Jersey, USA

Anna Catherine Geraghty, New Jersey, USA

John Joseph Geraghty, Jr., New Jersey, USA

Ethel Geraghty, New Jersey, USA

Monsignor Thomas Monaghan, New Jersey, USA

Monsignor Joseph Dolan, New Jersey, USA

Julia McHale, New Jersey, USA

Leo McHale, New Jersey, USA

Rose Moran, New Jersey, USA

Edward Moran, New Jersey, USA

James Pierce, New Jersey, USA

Patrick Ebbitt, New Jersey, USA

Mary Ebbitt, New Jersey, USA

Emma Kennedy Hoary, New Jersey, USA

William Burke, New Jersey, USA

Mary Burke, New Jersey, USA

Donald Myers, New Jersey, USA

Patricia O'Brien, New Jersey, USA

Patrick Beeman, New Jersey, USA

Marie Beeman, New Jersey, USA

Joseph Cafiero, New Jersey, USA

William Kenny, Sr., Dublin, Ireland

Catherine Kenny, Dublin, Ireland

William Kenny, Jr., Dublin, Ireland

Cornelius Geraghty, Sr., Dublin, Ireland

Cornelius Geraghty, Jr., Dublin, Ireland

Mary Geraghty, Dublin, Ireland

James Geraghty, Dublin, Ireland

Katy Timoney, Dublin, Ireland

The Barrett family, New Jersey, USA

The Beeman family, New Jersey, USA

The McCarthy family, New Jersey, USA

The Tucker family, New Jersey, USA

The Geraghty family, Dublin, Ireland

The Kenny family, Dublin, Ireland

The Timoney family, Dublin, Ireland

Mark McAvoy, Saskatchewan Canada

Anna Anderson Hoskins Kentucky USA

William Billy Kuekle Kentucky USA

Daniel Hanlon, Louisiana, USA

John Cole, Louisiana, USA

Elizabeth Norman, Michigan , USA

Erwin Winston Chiongson, Iloilo, Philippines

Juanito Ortega, Leyte, Philippines

Marilyn West, Kentucky, USA

Patricia Harmeling, Kentucky, USA

Martha Haverbusch, Kentucky, USA

Barbara Bogenschutz Hauer, Kentucky, USA

Mary Ellen Uhl, Kentucky, USA

Mary Rose Hils, Kentucky, USA

Charlene Schamer, Kentucky, USA

Charlene Sucher, Kentucky, USA

Kathleen Mascarelli, Kentucky, USA

Genny Laker Meenach, Kentucky, USA

Barbara Cox Hitter, Kentucky, USA

Patricia Rolfes Haven, Kentucky, USA

Mary Kay Hynes, Kentucky, USA

Patricia Smith Meeker, Kentucky, USA

Joanne Fischer Hanneken, Kentucky, USA

Jo Ann Cobble, Kentucky, USA

William Kuchle, Kentucky, USA

Charles Rosenblatt, Connecticut, USA

Rita Tessier, Connecticut, USA

Fr. Robert W. Barnes, Connecticut, USA

Marie Bertha Desilets, Connecticut, USA

Rose A. Desjardins, Connecticut, USA

Mildred Safin, Connecticut, USA

Lorena Lombardo, Connecticut, USA

Walter Safin, Connecticut, USA

John E. Connor, III, Connecticut, USA

Dawn Marie Holland, Connecticut, USA

Grace Theriault Safin, Connecticut, USA

Leo Theriault, Connecticut, USA

Barbara Mosca, Connecticut, USA

Paul Mosca, Connecticut, USA

Valmore Desjardins, Connecticut, USA

Elise Nowak, Connecticut, USA

Joseph Nowak, Connecticut, USA

Al Desilets, Connecticut, USA

Don Emilio Comper, IC, Stresa, Italy

Fr John Doman, IC, Leicester, England

Fr Christopher Fitzgerald, IC, Florida, USA

Virgilio Prado, Metro Manila, Philippines

Ovidio Rubio, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Vance J. Milne, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Robert Gomes, CA, USA

Jim Traficant, OH, USA

Colleen Hufford, Oklahoma, USA

Henry C. Wong, Philippines

Ann  R. Melendres-Tuason, Philippines

Henry S. Young, Philippines

Fr. Michael Mireau, Alberta, Canada

Alfredo Garcia, Metro Manila, Philippines

Sam Distefano, Texas, USA

Bonifacio Muhi Sr. Marinduque, Philippines

Bonifacio Muhi Jr.  Marinduque, Philippines

Artemia Cavanero Marinduque, Philippines

Ciriaco Cavanero Marinduque, Philippines

Leon Muhi Marinduque, Philippines

Flaviana Muhi Marinduque, Philippines

Aurora Mascarinas Naga, Philippines

Stan Wesner North Carolina, USA

Antonio Guanga Olongapo, Philippines

Marcing Guanga Olongapo, Philippines

Lawrence Aubrey Lyda, Texas, USA

Peter Stoklasa, Slovakia, Europe

Jozef Mucka, Slovakia, Europe

William G. Thomson, New York, USA

William G. Thomson Jr., New York, USA

Thomson Family, New York, USA

Geiger Family, New York, USA

Allison Filmon Carvey Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

Father Edward T. Oakes, SJ St. Louis, Missouri U.S.A.

Mr Junius Daniel Martinez, Chackbay, Louisiana, USA

Mrs Essie Cecilia Gravois Martinez, Chackbay, Louisiana, USA

Mr Gordon Paul Martinez, Chackbay, Louisiana, USA

Mr Alidor Martinez, Chackbay, La, USA

Mrs Leontine Martinez, Chackbay, La USA

Mr Robert Gravois, Vacherie, La, USA

Mrs Robert Gravois, Vacherie, La, USA

Mrs Amanda Saucier, New Orleans, La, USA

Mr Joseph Falgoust, New Orleans, La USA

Mrs Carrie Falgoust, New Orleans, La, USA

Uncle Joe Falgoust's two brothers, New Orleans, La USA

Mr Steve Giovingo, Vacherie, La, USA

Mrs Martha Giovingo, Vacherie, La, USA

David Giovingo, Vacherie, La USA

Mr Ignatius Gravois, Gretna, La, USA

Mrs Bea Gravois, Gretna, La, USA

Uncle Oscar,  New Orleans, La, USA

Aunt Zulma (Gravois) , New Orleans, La., USA

Mr Bert Gravois, Vacherie, La USA

Mrs Bert Gravois, Vacherie, La USA

Mr Joseph Gravois, Baton Rouge, La., USA

Mrs Joseph Gravois, Baton Rouge, La USA

Mr Wilbert Tauzin, Chackbay, La USA

Mrs Enola Martinez Tauzin, Chackbay, La USA

Mr Adelaid Martinez, Port Arthur, Texas, USA

Mrs "Tet" Martinez, Port Arthur, Texas, USA

Martinez family, Port Arthur, Texas, USA

Aunt "Mim" Martinez, Chackbay, La. USA

Aunt "Sweet" Martinez, Texas, USA

Aunt Adeline Martinez, Chackbay, La.,  USA

The entire extended Martinez family, Chackbay & Kramer, La USA

The entire extended Gravois family, Vacherie, La, USA

Archbishop Philip M Hannan, New Orleans, La USA

Monsignor Gerard Poche', Gretna, La., USA

Mr Poche', father of Msgr Poche', La, USA

Mrs Poche', mother of Msgr Poche', La, USA

Brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews of Msgr Poche', La. USA

Mr Mike Schlanta, Manassas, Va, USA

Mrs Peggy Work, Vienna, Va USA

Mrs Margaret Work, Vienna Va USA

Mrs Peggy Miner, Morrisville, NC USA

Mr Joseph Miner, Morrisville, NC USA

Mr S. Mazhar Ali Naqui, Hyderabad, India

Pappanu's extended Naqui family, India & USA
Mrs Hoor Aunti, Hyderabad India
Mr Chotay Mamu Jaan, Hyderabad, India
Mr Buday Mamu Jaan, Hyderabad, India
Mrs Buday Mamu Jaan, Hyderabad, India
Mr Chahcha Jaan, Hyderabad, India
Mrs Chahchi Jaan, Hyderabad, India
Mrs Mirage Hasan, Hyderabad, India
Amanu's extended family Throughout the World
Sister Gertrude, Rosary Convent, Hyderabad, India
Sister Mary, Rosary Convent, Hyderabad, India
Mrs Dottie, Raleigh, NC, USA
Mr Frank, Raleigh NC USA
Brother Mitch, LOM, Raleigh, NC USA
Brother Stan Wesner, LOM, Raleigh, NC USA
Fr. Michael Proterra, Raleigh, NC USA
Msgr. Tim O'Connor, Raleigh, NC USA
Bishop Joseph Gossman, Raleigh, NC USA
All suffering souls
All souls who have no one to pray for them
Raimundo Tomé de Castro, Pará, Brazil
José Américo de Castro Filho, Pará, Brazil
José Augusto Tomé de Castro, Pará, Brazil
Santoro de Souza Tomé, Pará, Brazil
Alice de Castro, Pará, Brazil
José Américo de Castro, Pará, Brazil
Vera Santana Ottan, Bahia, Brazil
Essie Mary Janet Morris-Shipp
Fr. Peter Rookey, Illinois, USA
Sr. Mary Vincent Schafer, Illinois, USA
David F. Presti Doylestown, Pennsylvania U.S.A.
Joe (John Levitt) Muirhead Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada
Alice Garcia  Kentucky  USA
Elsie Seissiger  Ky USA
August Seissiger KY USA
Virginia Seissiger KY USA
Helen Seissiger KY USA
Joe Seissiger KY USA
ED Seissiger, KY USA
Elsie Garica KY USA
Paul Garica KY USA
Ben Garcia KY USA
Jim Garcia KY USA
Norma Romes, KY USA
Roy Romes KY USA
Ann Russo KY USA
Bob Lipscomb KY USA
Elvis Presley Tennessee USA
Rose Broering Ohio USA
Jenna Spaulding KY USA
Susan Klein KY USA
Vera Lapp KY USA
Joe Koler KY USA
Betty Lou Gandy, Iowa, USA
Susan Kathleen Gandy, California, USA
Arlene Otto Murray, Georgia, USA
Donald Vincent Otto, California, USA
Edward Wells, Wake Forest, NC
Jeanette McDougall Sawicky & family, Arizona, USA
Walter Sawicky & family, Illinois, USA
Vernon Hier & family, Arizona, USA
Anthony Feretich & family, Illinois, USA
Jacqueline Sawicky, New York, USA
Nellie Gardner, Ontario, Canada
Leo Perron & family, Ontario, Canada
Beatrice Perron & family, Ontario, Canada
Joseph Carriere & family, California, USA
Alice Carriere & family, California, USA
Barney Shafer, Ontario, Canada
Paul Haley, Ontario, Canada
Brian Gudgeon, Ontario, Canada
Ken Whayman, Ontario, Canada
Eduardo Moliné O'Connor, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Gerald McVeigh Nova Scotia Canada
The McVeigh family Nova Scotia Canada
Ian Paisley, Northern Ireland, UK
Anthony J. Bik, Illinois, USA
John Mysliwiec, Illinois, USA
Joanna Mysliwiec, Illinois, USA
Anthony Bik, Illinois, USA
Mary Bik, Illinois, USA
Stanley Dunaj, Illinois, USA
Helen Dunaj, Illinois, USA
Walter Killian, Illinois, USA
Adeline Kiliian, Illinois, USA
Joseph Malyszko, Illinois, USA
Emily   Malyszko, Illinois, USA
Eugene Raczka, Illinois, USA
Albina Raczka, Illinois, USA
Stanislawa Stawasz, Illinois, USA
Edward Wisniewski, Illinois, USA
Mary Ann Wisniewski, Illinois, USA
John Stecyna, Illinois, USA
Pelagia Stecyna, Illinois, USA
John Golabek, Illinois, USA
Stella   Golabek, Illinois, USA
John Holda, Illinois, USA
Lola Holda, Illinois, USA
Arthur Tomnitz, Illinois, USA
Casimira Tomnitz, Illinois, USA
Walter Sniezek, Illinois, USA
Lillian Sniezek, Illinois, USA
Sister M. Ralph O.S.F.K., Illinois, USA
Sister M.Marcianna O.S.F.K., Illinois, USA
Rev. John Mysliwiec C.R.,Illinois, USA
Sister M. Myron O.P., Illinois, USA
Sister M. Athanasius O.P., Illinois, USA
Sister M. Carolina O.P., Illinois, USA
Sister M. Ita O.P., Illinois, USA
Sister M. Evangeline O.P., Illinois, USA
Harry Kozerski, Illinois, USA
Estelle Kozerski, Illinois, USA
Martin Wujkowski, Illinois, USA
Leokadia Wujkowski, Illinois, USA
Charles Cowlin, Illinois, USA
Sophie Cowlin, Illinois, USA
Robert Zeller, Illinois, USA
Helen Zeller, Illinois, USA
Frank Lowry, Illinois, USA
Irene Lowry, Illinois, USA
Sharon Dworak, Illinois, USA
Robert Zerbecki, Illinois, USA
Patricia Zerbecki, Illinois, USA
Andrew Targosz, Illinois, USA
Sophie Targosz, Illinois, USA
Robert Whelan, Illinois, USA
Gertrude Whelan, Illinois, USA
Robert Loftus, Illinois, USA
Julia Hoppe, Illinois, USA
George Hacker, Illinois, USA
Matt Slowik, Illinois, USA
Otto Navratil, Illinois, USA
Karl Navratil, Illinois, USA
Kay Wooden, Utah, USA
Barbara Watterson, Colorado, USA
Rick Grimler, Colorado, USA
Dolores Lemon, California, USA
Richard Lemon, California, USA
Joseph & Josephine Przybylski, Maryland, USA   
John & Anna Marie Dieter, Maryland, USA
Bill Meredith Florida USA
Forgotten Souls Kentucy USA
Bob Reuss Kentucky USA
Chuck Theil Kentucky USA
Emmett Ireland Kentucly USA
Cathy Barzack Kentucky USA
Roger Osborne Kentucky USA
Alice Garcia Kentucly USA
Adelia Madrigal, San Jose , Costa Rica
Tobias Varela, San Jose, Costa Rica
Ligia Varela;San Jose, Costa Rica
Jose Varela, San José ,Costa Rica
Alejandro Varela,San Jose, Costa Rica
Mariangela Varela,San Jose, Costa Rica
Ligia Carvajal, San Jose , Costa Rica
 Padre Julian , San Jose, Costa Rica
Carmelina Portuguez, San Jose, Costa Rica
Eida Monge, San Jose, Costa Rica
Oscar Monge, San Jose, Costa Rica
Ernesto Monge, San Jose, Costa Rica
Jorge Monge, San Jose, Costa Rica
Reinaldo Monge, San Jose, Costa Rica
Padre Ignacio, San Jose, Costa Rica
Padre Juan Bautista, San Jose, Costa Rica
Mariluz, San Jose, Costa Rica
Mayela Rojas, San Jose, Costa Rica
Familia Monge, San Jose, Costa Rica
Familia Portuguez, San Jose, Costa Rica
Familia Varela, San Jose,  Costa Rica
Familia Madrigal, San Jose, Costa Rica
Bebe Jimenez Monge, San Jose, Costa Rica
Maria Ester Fonseca, San Jose, Costa Rica
Jose Alberto Quesada, San Jose, Costa Rica
Gladys Duran, SanJose, Costa Rica
Maria Portuguez, San Jose, Costa Rica
Ermelindo Madrigal, San Jose, Costa Rica
Ismael Portuguez, San Jose, Costa Rica
Miriam de Monge, San Jose, Costa Rica
Bebes que no fueron bautizados,San Jose, Costa Rica
Natividad Y. Dabu , Hawaii, USA
Frances Catherine Crawford Calkins, Pennsylvania, USA
Brendan Tevlin, New Jersey, USA
Ms Beverly Thompson, South-West England, United Kingdom
Mme Wach, Florence, Italy
Mr Robin Williams, California, USA
Ian Paisley, Belfast, Ireland
Gen. Gabriel Ortiz Martínez, Mexico City, Mexico
Gen. Enrique Kortright Gutiérrez, Mexico City, Mexico
Yolanda Ortiz de Kortright, Mexico City, Mexico
Amalia Ortiz Martínez, Mexico City, Mexico
Juana Ortiz Martínez, Mexico City, Mexico
Trinidad Lecanda, Mexico City, Mexico
Amalia Perpetua Ortiz Aub, Mexico City, Mexico
Olga Almada, Mexico City, Mexico
Luis Almada, Mexico City, Mexico
Panchita Ortiz, Mexico City, Mexico
Encarnación Ortiz, Mexico City, Mexico
Dr. Bill Campbell, Alabama, USA
Mary Maxwell, Alabama, USA
Col. John Minturn Verdi,  Alabama, USA
Dick Nunley, Alabama, USA
Dave Vinter, Alabama, USA
Dr. Ron Robel, Alabama, USA
Dr. Barbara Fischer, Weiden, Germany
Agneta Johannsen, Hamburg, Germany
Sam Webster, Texas, USA
Alfred & Margaret Buell  OH USA
Fr. Robert Siu, Wyoming, USA
Edson Manganaro, SP, Brazil
Marcia Monteiro Manganaro, SP, Brazil
Angela Manganaro, SP, Brazil
Alfredo Manganaro, SP, Brazil
Antonio Manganaro, SP, Brazil
Zulmira da Matta Britto, SP, Brazil
Antonio Manoel Britto, SP, Brazil
Eduardo Campos, PE, Brazil
Alexandre Severo Gomes da Silva, Brazil
Carlos Augusto Ramos Leal Filho, Brazil
Marcelo de Oliveira Lyra, Brazil
Pedro Almeida Valadares Neto, Brazil
Geraldo da Cunha, Brazil
Marcos Martins, Brazil
Mariana da Silva, SP, Brazil
Edward Elgar and Wife, London, UK
Caio Shiguemy Cassiano Ishii
Dom Pedro II de Alcântara, RJ, Brazil
Dom Pedro I de Alcântara, RJ, Brazil
Dona Leopoldina de Alcântara II, RJ, Brazil
Dona Isabel de Bragança, RJ, Brazil
Gastão de Orleans, Paris, France
Dona Teresa Cristina da Áustria, RJ, Brazil
Margaret Hilda Thatcher, London, UK
Denis Thatcher, London, UK
Charles Stuart II, London, UK
Charles Stuart I, London, UK
James Stuart, London, UK
The Britto Family, Brazil/Portugal/Spain
The Manganaro Family, Brazil/USA/Italy
The Magosso Family, Brazil/USA/Italy
The Silva Family, Brazil/Portugal
The Shiguemy Family, Brazil/Japan
The Ishii Family Brazil, Japan
The Onimaru Family, Brazil/Japan
The Orléans and Braganza Family, Brazil/Portugal
The Braganza Family, Portugal
The Orléans Family, France
The Bourbon Family, Spain/France/Portugal
The Normandy Family, France/UK
The Blois Family, UK/ France
The Anjou Family, UK/France
The Plantagenet Family, UK/France
The Lancaster Family, UK
The York Family, UK
The Tudor Family, UK
The Stuart Family, UK
The Hanover Family, UK
The Saxe-Coburg Family and Gotha, UK/Portugal/Brazil
The Windsor Family, UK
The Alpin Family, UK
The Dunkeld Family, UK
The Sverre Family, UK
The Balliol Family, UK
The Bruce Family, UK
The Stewart Family, UK
The D'Arc Family, France
The Pacelli Family, Italy
The Ratzinger Family, Germany
The Wojtyla Family, Poland
The Roncalli Family, Italy
The Sarto Family, Italy
The Vivaldi Family, Italy
The Bach Family, Germany
The Elgar Family, UK
Sr. Olga Raschietti, Burundi, Africa
Sr. Lucia Pulicin, Burundi, Africa
Sr. Bernadetta Boggian, Burundi, Africa
Joseph Bonugli
Joe Mordenti Sr.
Rosann M. Konz, Michigan, USA
John Sweeney, New Jersey, United States
Brendan Tevlin, New Jersey, United States
The McGuire Family, New Jersey United States,
The McGlone Family, New Jersey, United States
Alberto Francisco Gutiérrez,  Texas, USA
Jaime Leaño, Texas, USA
Larry Comstock, Texas, USA
Teresa Hobbs, North Carolina USA
Jane Kahle, West Virginia USA
Melvin Kahle, West Virginia USA
Mary Comstock, West Virginia USA
Elwyn Comstock, West Virginia USA
Jean Hobbs, North Carolina USA
Stan Wesner, North Carolina USA
Stacy Hughes, Texas USA
Sam Schubert, Kentucky USA
LH Stocks, North Carolina USA
Nancy Gohagen, South Carolina USA
Janet Hudgens, North Carolina USA
Steven Daniels, Virginia USA
Marie Gallagher, Florida USA
Jack Veader, Maryland USA
Stella Bussing, West Virginia USA
Delores Johnson, West Virginia USA
Jim Matrakis, North Carolina USA
Sister Mary Jean, West Virginia USA
Msgr. Tim O'Connor, North Carolina USA
Peter Rudegeair, Pennsylvania USA
Fr. John Harvey, Pennsylvania USA
Msgr. Haddon, North Carolina USA
George Watson, West Virginia USA
Elizabeth Watson, West Virginia USA
Rose Watson, West Virginia USA
Junior Hobbs, North Carolina USA
Lucille Hobbs, North Carolina USA
Horace Hobbs, North Carolina USA
Carlton Hobbs, North Carolina USA
Diane Glover, West Virginia USA
Sr. Clare Marie, West Virginia USA
Sr. Mary Daniel, West Virginia USA
Robert Williamson, North Carolina USA
Most Rev. Cirilo Flores, CA, USA
Timothy Coates, AZ, USA
Adam Coates, AZ, USA
Joshus Coates, AZ, USA
Allen Egide, CA, USA
Marcella Egide, CA, USA
John Cook, CA, USA
Irene Schulz, CA, USA
Edward Schulz, CA, USA
Bertha Egide, WI,USA
Ferdinand, WI, USA
Wilhelm Egide, Germany
Caroline Egide, Germany
Herman Egide, WI, USA
Ida Egide, WI, USA
Lucille Egide, WI, USA
Lindsey Egide, CA, USA
William Keane, CA, USA
Raymond Boron, CA, USA
Georgiana Montalban, CA, USA
Joseph Ziebert, OH,USA
Irene Ziebert, OH, USA
Ann Marie Judice, CA, USA
Walter Keller, WI,USA
Jane Keller, WI,USA
Antonio Miraz, CA, USA
Pedro Miraz, CA, USA
Fred Soland, TX, USA
William E. Daisley, Pennsylvania, USA
William Johnston, Illinois, USA
Ernest Butler, Illinois, USA
Jean Butler Illinois, USA
Mary Bodnar, Illinois, USA
Andrew Bodnar, Illinois, USA
Robert Walters, Michigan, USA
Louis Verschaeve, Michigan, USA
Joseph Zwicker, Michigan, USA
Sue Niazy, Michigan, USA
Billy Demick, Michigan, USA
William Arthur Demick, Michigan, USA
Ernest Butler Jr, Michigan, USA
Rosalie Mae Butler, Michigan, USA
Caroline Ryan, Co. Dublin, Ireland
Paddy Clare, Co. Dublin, Ireland
Mordeno Family, Agusan del Sur, Philippines
Gonzales Family, Iloilo, Philippines
Conde Family, Eastern Samar, Philippines
Delgado Family, Iloilo, Philippines
Mother Marie Alexis de Jesus Pacis MCE, La Union, Philippines
Fr. Joseph Taschner, La Union, Philippines
Msgr. Arturo Mendiola, Manila, Philippines
Msgr. Agerico Galang, Manila, Philippines
Jaime Cardinal L. Sin, DD, Manila, Philippines
Msgr. Walter Joseph Ziemba, Michigan, USA
Msgr. Stanley Milewski, Michigan, USA
Father Peter Otto Nevada USA
Michael Lakomec, New York, USA
Thornton Meaker, New York, USA
Mary Meaker, New York, USA
Murray Urqhart, Ontario, Canada
Father Mervin Fernback, Ontario, Canada
Dolores Bastings, Ontario, Canada
Maria Repka, Ontario, Canada
Stark family, Ontario, Canada
Tatiana Reus, Russia
John Barker, England
Robert Watson, England
Neil Carruthers, England
Rosa dos Santos, Portugal
Judite Mendes, Portugal
Carlo Fara, Italy
Gustavo Fara, Italy
Wilfred Anthony Mulligan
Doris Mulligan
James Mulligan
Mary Mulligan
Basil Mulligan
Charles Carter Sen.
Lillian Carter
Reginald Carter and wife
Eric Carter and wife
Hermann Carter
Richard Carter
Charles Carter Jun.
Lillian Lenton
Fr. William Carmona, Tennessee, USA
Daniel W Baran, Ca, US
Lena Baran, Ca, US
Kevin Peter Baran, Ca, US
Michael Daniel Baran, Ca, US
Sister TeresaBenedicta, Ca, US
Joyce Flemming, Ma,US
Diane Clare, Ca, US
Olga Gene Frost,Ca, US
Audrey Ida Frost, Ca, US
Debbie Brower Antonucci, Ca, US
Judith Lourenco, Ca, US
Hilda Strohmeyer Ohio USA
Patrick M. Ferguson, Texas, USA
Sandra Feezel, Texas, USA
Theodore J. Anderson, Iowa, USA
Thomas M. Ferguson, Illinois, USA
Marilyn Ferguson, Illinois, USA
Ester Anderson, Iowa, USA
Bert Anderson, Iowa, USA
John J. Ferguson, Illinois, USA
Helen C. Ferguson, Illinois, USA
Charles W. Nyquist, Texas, USA
Mary K. Nyquist, Texas, USA
Gordon Jones, Texas, USA
Stan Marack, Texas, USA
Cliff Martin, Texas, USA
Janie Rodriguez, Texas, USA
Kasia Chiolko, Lublin, Poland
John C. Ferguson, Texas, USA
imothy  Coates, Arizona, USA 
Adam Coaste, Arizona,USA
Joshua Coaste, Arizona,USA
Allen Egide,CA,USA
Marcella Egide,CA,USA
John Cook,CA,USA
Irene Schulz,CA,USA
Edward Schulz,CA,USA
Bertha Egide,WI, USA
Ferdinand Egide,WI,USA
Wilhelm Egide,WI,USA
Caroline Egide,WI,USA
Herman Egide,WI,USA
Ida Egide,WI,USA
Lucille Egide,WI,USA
Lindsey Egide,CA,USA
William Keane, CA,USA
Raymond Boron,CA,USA
Georgiana Montalban,CA,USA
Joseph Ziebert,OH,USA
Robert Straub, Connecticut, US
John V. Miras, Sr, NY, US
Ethel Miras, NY, US
Doris Cleary, NY, US
Robert W. Cleary, NY, US
Sophie Fausser, NY, US
Michael Cooper, NY, US
Sandra Marte, NY, US
Carl Sorensen, NY, US
Vincent Brady, NC, US
Daniel McCarthy, NY, US
Katharine Sorensen, NY, US
Marie Ross, NY, US
Martha Fallon, FL, US
Howard Fallon, NY, US
Josephine Hutt, FL, US
Evelyn Seipp, TX, US
Milton Seipp, TX, US
Peggy Weiznecker, NY, US
Rev. Aidan Doherty, NY, US
John Starace, NY, US
Rev. Francis Fenton, CO, US
Michael Madow, NY, US
Catharine Vassak, NY, US
Joseph Vassak, NY, US
Irene Ziebert,OH,USA
John Joseph Saladino, Texas, USA
Alene Van Rappard Saladino, Louisiana, USA
Steven Spitznagel. Indiana, United States
Kathy Julian. California, United States
Romana Meinzer, Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
Karen J. Oyen, Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
José Luiz Ablass e Cezar Schultz E São Paulo e Paraná Brazil
Bezerra e Barros Paraná e São Paulo Brazil
Mary Todd, Florida, USA
The Cacciatore Family, Florida, USA
The Todd Family, Florida, USA
Father Thomas McCafferty -Kentucky USA
Charles Caruso- Kentucky USA
Irene Ganghoff-Kentucky USA
Nola Caruso-Kentucky USA
Sam Wingo Caruso-Kentucky USA
John Sheets- Kentucky USA
Dick Pilger-Kentucky USA
David Olliges - Kentucky USA
Peggy Quigley Taylor- Kentucky USA
Rev. Father Gerald Fitzgerald -Kentucky USA
Rev. Father Raymond McClanahan -Kentucky USA
Rev. Father Shockey-Kentucky USA
Rev. Father Paul Krebs- Kentucky USA
Rev. Father Edwin Heile-Kentucky USA
Mary Katherine Morley- KENTUCKY USA
Adrian Morley- Kentucky USA
Bill McGruder-Kentucky USA
Albert Vesper II -Kentucky USA
Naomi Vesper- Kentucky USA
James Vesper- Kentucky USA
Marilyn Vesper-Kentucky USA
Delysia Crowell-Kentucky USA
Jack Crowell-Kentucky USA
Manola Morley-Kentucky USA
Herbert Morley- Kentucky USA
Mollie Robinson- Kentucky USA
Walter Robinson-Kentucky USA
Ed Robinson-Kentucky USA
Marie Robinson- Kentucky USA
Jim Robinson- Kentucky USA
William Robinson- Kentucky USA
Agnes Robinson- Kentucky USA
James Robinson- Kentucky USA
Evelyn Robinson- Kentucky USA
Rose Robinson- Kentucky USA
Margaret Robinson- Kentucky USA
Pat Clark-Kentucky USA
Bill Riggs= Kentucky USA
Mr Pathrose Vensor, Kerala, India
Joseph , Kerala, India
Mathai , Kerala India
Varghese, Kerala, India
Kottarathil Family, Kerala, India
Ludivina Bautista, Cebu, Philippines
Florencio Tan, Misamis Occidental, Philippines
Artemio Tan, Misamis Occidental, Philippines
Sergio Tan, Misamis Occidental, Philippines
Vicenta Tan, Misamis Occidental, Philippines
Isabel Ligot Bautista, California, USA
Flaviano Bautista, California, USA
Clementia Raralio Bautista, Cayan Valley, Philippines
Giovanni Battista Debiasi, Padova, Italy
Nathaniel Landia, Misamis Occidental, Philippines
Felipe Bautista, Quezon City, Philippines
Milagros Bautista, Quezon City, Philippines
David Bautista, California, USA
Pacita Bautista, California, USA
Raymundo Tan, Misamis Occidental, Philippines
Katherine V. Murphy, Massachusetts, USA
Marcelo Dankert, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Dante, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Francisco Ruiz Guiñazú
Rosa Fernandez Perera, Florida, USA
Herman Diaz Perera, Florida, USA
Margaret Godreau Patterson, Florida, USA
Richard Patterson, Florida, USA
Fr. Will Prospero, WI, USA
Fr. Paul Maniscalco SDB, California U.S.A
Roberto Wenceslao Garraza, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Fr. George Kosicki, OH, USA
Jose Sandoval Jr. IL, USA
Fr. Bohdan Kosicki, MI, USA
Bishop Cirilo Flores, CA. USA
Pam Manteuffel, MI, USA
Clarence S. Stanton, West Chester, USA
Edward A. Millison, Springfield, USA
Mary Millison, Springfield,USA
Albert Guidry, Wintergreen, USA
Edwin A. Walter, Collingdale, USA
Sarah V. Walter, Collingdale, USA
Curtis Patterson Runkle, Newtown Square, USA
Helen Runkle, Newtown Square,USA
The Demian Bailey family, Oregon USA
The Barry Wheeler family, Ohio USA
Alice Buell, Ohio USA
The Eglinsdoefer family, Michigan USA
Rob Holder, Denmark
Joyce Irving, Carlisle, England
Joanne Cobble, Ky., USA
Nicholas Marro , New Hampshire , USA
Chad Denning, New Hampshire, USA
Helen Hermine Rossmiller, California, USA
Joseph Albert Rossmiller, California, USA
Rose Grispi Figlioli, California, USA
Giacomo Figlioli, California, USA
Charles Lee Unglesbee, Maryland, USA
Theresa Marie Unglesbee, Maryland, USA
Vincent Joseph Figlioli, California, USA
James Joseph Figlioli, California, USA
Mary Louise Figlioli, California, USA
Barbara Cates, California, USA
William Cates, Ohio, USA
Linda Cates Straub, Ohio, USA
David Schmelzle, California, USA
James Millsap, California, USA
Robert Rossmiller, Oregon, USA
Edith Schmelzle, California, USA
Ralph Schmelzle, California, USA
John Schmelzle, California, USA
Paul Schmelzle, Arizona, USA
Ruth Schmelzle, Arizona, USA
John Payeur, California, USA
Harry Miller, California, USA
Robert Roberson, California, USA
George Jewell, California, USA
Leona Vandenboom, Illinois, USA
Oscar Vandenboom, Illinois, USA
Unidentified sheepherder, California, USA
Rev. Joseph Elliot, CSSR, California, USA
Rev. Joseph Tobin, CSSR, California, USA
Rev. Tomatis, OFM, Italy
Rev. John Gini, OFM, California, USA
Rev. Victor Mosele, SX, Wisconsin, USA
Bishop Maioranus Figlioli, Italy
Clara Broeker, Illinois, USA
Rev. Msgr. William J. Kleiser, Tennessee, USA
Rev. Schulze, USA
Archbishop John May, Missouri, USA
Bishop John J. Ward, California, USA
Rev. Msgr. Thomas P. English, California, USA
Emil Schmelzle, California, USA
Barbara Heil, California, USA
Rev. William Keifer, SJ, Maryland, USA
Rev. Paul Bruening, Illinois, USA
Rev. Walfrid Boesche, OFM, Missouri, USA
Rev. Valerian Schotte, OFM, Missouri, USA
Dorothy Capener, California, USA
Lee Owens, California, USA
Christine Baker, Missouri, USA
Rose Pantaleo, Florida, USA
Rosanne Granata, Florida, USA
Finn Family, New York, USA
Barber Family, New York, USA
Mary Irene Masino, New Jersey, USA
Joanne McEvoy, New Jersey, USA
Peter Moore, New Jersey, USA
Christian Wallinder, New York, USA
Joyce Ann Curley, New Jersey, USA
Elise Costa, New Jersey, USA
George H. Boyd, New Jersey, USA
John Joseph Freeman, New Jersey, USA
Theresa Owens, New Jersey, USA
Theodore A. Przybylski, Maryland, USA   
Bertha M. Przybylski, Maryland, USA
The Przybylski Family, Maryland, USA
The Dieter Family, Maryland, USA
Stephen Meskell New York, USA
Scott Rice, Pennsylvania, United States of America
Edward Kunigonis, Pennsylvania, United States of America
Gerard C. Terranova, Florida, USA
Nicholas Sergi, Florida, USA
Diane Schreiber, Florida, USA
Dee Cataruzolo, Florida, USA
Joan Speziale, Pennsylvania, USA
Frank Sovich, Florida, USA
Werner Engelmaier, Florida, USA
Joseph R. and Rose Accarino, New York, USA
Alfred and Marie Terranova, New York, USA
Richard Terranova, New York, USA
Sabino and Rose Ferrigno, USA
Thomas and Frances Baumann, New York, USA
Agnes Nugent, USA
Fr. Robert Scott, USA
Freddie Voss Mississippi USA
Kay Hoffsommer, Pennsylvania, USA
Anthony Cuseo,  New York, UA
Magie Cuseo, Valley Stream, NY  UAA
Michael Cuseo, Delray Beach, FL
Ryan Nelson
Danny Heino
The Cuseo Family
The Ciafardini family
Gray family, Missouri, United States of America
Raleigh and Dolly Gray
Lynn roy and Juanita Gray
Roland Gray
Lee Roy and Gladys Eagan
Mary and Bob Aselman
Louise Gray
Juanita and Lee Hagemeier
Dora Grgurich
August Larson
Leo and Vera Piper
Lee and Josephine Wampler and aunt Alice
John and Mary Donohue
George and Irene Schwarz
John and Teresa  Galloway
John and Mary Donohue Sr.
Jeanne Kitz
Jeannette LaPlante
George Schwarz
Neilda Schwarz
James Galloway
Jack and Zita Galloway
George and Dolores Dous
William Murphy
William and Joan Geophrich
James Donohue
Joseph Donohue
Rita Donohue
Bernard and Alberta Donohue
Paul Donohue
Hugh Donohue
Daniel Faulkner
Anna MarieFoley
Glenn Holden Sr.
Carol Durham
Robert Borger
Sytzes Family
Anthony Pacitti
William Wells
Rudy and Loretta Gable
Ann McDonald
Ben and Mary Benum
James Pitt
Mr.and Mrs Kelly
Members of US Military
all forgotten souls
 Priests of Philadelphia
Archdiocese/Camden Diocese
Kathleen Keasler Nance of Plant City, Florida, USA
jane geraldine chia yu ming whiting
ethan james lim tian wen
rachel ashton lim yu ming
kristian james kirkwood
malina lucia jambu
charles chia cheng soon
norman george whiting
jerome luis jambu
sonny john chia yak soon
julia cedeillo jambu
leonard jambu
anna alvin
luis jambu
john joseph jambu
petronilla susan jambu
harriet jambu
emmanuel jambu
anita jambu and lawrence
father alfred chan
joe liu
joan tan
patrick lim
shirley silvia jambu
daniel jambu
charmaine eleanor toh
irene jambu toh
toh hock chye
allison ann lim
dallas jambu field
mageriute jambu
eric olivero
lydia jambu olivero
vera elizabeth jambu
benjamin hall
brendon mark toh
charles christopher toh
raynee jambu
saundra jean simmons
Maria Ilma Machado
Matilda Miranda
Albano Miranda
Amandio Miranda
Marcelino Machado
Joe Luis
Joao Luis
John Luis Jr.
Tony Coutinho
Steven Sands
Gary Warren
Steven Gorza
Judy Gorza
Domingos Silva
Roque Liberato
Doug Robson
Mary Anne Barry
Theresa Barry
Mr. Silvestro(Oneida)
Mrs. Ullyatt(Oneida)
Mr.Nick Ciccone
Mr.Charlie Oneill
Mr. & Mrs. Ted Joyce
Marie Louise Ulak
Walter Ulak
Mr. Bob Prevett
Mr. & Mrs. Bill  & Pearl Patton
Walter Medeiros & Brenda Gee
Daniel Serodio
All Deceased Veterans from Parkwood Hospital London,Ontario Canada