Rorate Caeli

Congratulations to Pope Francis on his exercise in self-criticism
- It was Benedict XVI who had a huge relationship problem with the Roman Curia

Let us be honest: it was Benedict XVI who was hated by most of the Roman Curia. Francis is as loved there as he is in the wide secular world -- hence, no Vatileaks... and no sign whatsoever of a future abdication.

So his criticism of the Curia is and should also be understood, almost 2 years after his election, as a kind of self-criticism. The Papacy, the Curia, and the Church at large have gained considerably from a Pope who admits himself to be not a superior outside analyst, but as someone who is as responsible and involved with the Curia as the "sick" Curials themselves (2014 Christmas Address to the Roman Curia). We are quite sure Francis would be glad to be seen, with this address, not as someone hovering over the lesser people, but as a beacon of humility and strong self-criticism -- as the essential gear of the Roman Curia and robust representative of all its characteristics that he has quickly become.