Rorate Caeli

The Glory of the Rorate Mass

Holy Family Parish, Diocese of Cubao, Philippines, Dec. 2014. 

The particular Philippine tradition of the Rorate Mass, dating to the 16th century and called in that country the "Misa de Aguinaldo", saw it celebrated in the early morning for nine consecutive days, from December 16 to December 24. The tradition survived the liturgical reform and is still celebrated in almost every parish in the Philippines. However, in the Novus Ordo (in this country) it is no longer usually celebrated as a Rorate or Votive Mass in honor of the Blessed Virgin but as a liturgical hybrid of the Advent Mass formulary (readings, orations, preface) for the day combined with white vestments and the Gloria, and with various other concessions to the spirit of the age. 

More pictures of the ongoing celebrations of the Rorate Mass according to the 1962 Missal in Holy Family Parish can be found on the Facebook page of Ecclesia Dei Society of St. Joseph (Dec. 16 and Dec. 17). Due to various circumstances the Masses are celebrated late at night rather than early in the morning. 

This parish of the Diocese of Cubao is the Philippines' only church where the Traditional Latin Mass is publicly celebrated daily under the provisions of Summorum Pontificum.

(H/t to a Filipino reader.)