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For the record: Traditional Latin Mass in the Philippines in Reparation for the Profanation of Hosts at the Papal Masses of Pope Francis in Manila

The Traditional Latin Mass community in the Diocese of Cubao (the Philippines) and the Una Voce-affiliated Ecclesia Dei Society of Saint Joseph in the same country, organized a special Mass of Reparation on the 6th of February this year (a First Friday) for the sacrileges that occurred during the Papal Masses celebrated by Pope Francis in Manila last month. 

The Mass was followed by a Holy Hour of Reparation.

Photographs and an article on this event can be found on the Dei Praesidio Fultus blog.

Although not mentioned in the article, the Mass was celebrated in one of the chapels of the Holy Family Parish, Quezon City, in the Diocese of Cubao: the only parish church in the Philippines where the Traditional Latin Mass is celebrated daily under the terms of Summorum Pontificum. The Mass had previously been announced on OnePeterFive. Rorate has been told that in the weeks leading up to the Mass of Reparation, members of the Traditional Latin Mass community of Cubao had already organized post-communion devotions of reparation. 

The Dei Praesidio Fultus article points out that the passing around of Hosts was not the only danger that faced the Blessed Sacrament during that Mass, no thanks to communion in the hand: 

Accounts, reported here, from eyewitnesses who saw the Hosts—the very Body and Blood of the Lord!—being passed around like some cheap cracker or biscuit, softened by the general dampness of the weather, accidentally discharged to the mud and not retrieved, trampled upon by countless feet are enough to move the heart of every Catholic unto sorrow and compunction. 
These desecrated Hosts, inadvertently or not, do not even include the countless particles that adhered to the palms of those who received Communion by the hand, those Hosts taken hostage as a memento or as a virtud to be fed to gamecocks and similar beasts, and others profaned in one way or another.

The practice of "virtud" referred to in the original post refers to the demonic practice of feeding consecrated hosts sneaked out from Mass to fighting cocks -- cockfighting is a major pastime in the Philippines. The practice was widespread enough that the Diocese of Cubao had to publicly condemn the practice a decade ago; unfortunately it is apparently far from being the only place in that country where the superstition is known. And yet communion in the hand continues unchecked.