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Pope Francis: "The issue of married priests is in my agenda."

From Repubblica:
February 19, 2015

VATICAN CITY - The event took place on Tuesday, February 10, but the Pope made it known only today during the meeting with the clergy of Rome. During the regular mass at the Domus Sanctae Marthae, Bergoglio faced the issue of the marriage of priests.

At the celebration, there were seven preiests who were celebrating their 50th anniversary of priesthood, but also five priests who left the ministry due to marriage. Following the question of one of the priests who were present, Fr. Giovanni Cereti, on the issue of married priests (in which was recalled the case of the Eastern Churches, where married men can be ordained priests, and the thousands of married priests of the Latin Rite who on the other hand cannot celebrate), Bergoglio answered surprisingly: "The issue," Francis assured in his response, "is present in my agenda." [Update: this ("la questione", the issue) was the original text at Repubblica, as it still is in other sources. It was later changed to "Bergoglio answered surprisingly: "The problem is present in my agenda." The word itself does not change the tone of what was said.]

(Source, in Italian)

Note: ZENIT's report on this event confirms that the Pope spoke about married priests.