Rorate Caeli

Abortion becomes not only a right but a State Ideology. But where's Francis?

Il Foglio
Giuliano Ferrara
March 10, 2015

An Italo-Belgian parliamentarian..., someone called Tarabella, has submitted a motion to the European Parliament for the approval of a statute of women’s rights, with the right of abortion on demand at its center. A crushing majority (with a tiny hair-splitting difference from shrewd, adult Catholics), approves it; and so, a conservative minority of the people is crushed as well as the bodies of both the women and the children yet unborn.

Abortion as a right is different from abortion as a fact. Some women have had voluntary abortions in extreme and desperate circumstances. The men who fecundated them have appropriated their private pain as an award of their power over the world and life [itself]. But now it is different. The United Nations and parliamentary humanitarian texts of mainly Western consensus, while submitting to the Sharia here and there, oppose the sacredness of life for the inviolability of a concept of welfare which has still to be demonstrated and put into effect. It is no longer a fact, it is a right, an aspiration or a normative praxis, the elevation of a provisional desire to a statute of juridical reality with the results sub specie aeternitatis. (In certain populated zones in Asia, it is a social duty).

Tarabella and company’s motion is a luciferian, cultural turning point, a typical expression of ethical deafness in the face of evil. This has arrived forty years after the launching of sentences and legislations which came from opulent America to a less opulent Europe and have made possible, not the fact of abortion (a homicide and suicide), which invokes mercy and pity, but abortion as a right and a State ideology, the serene manifestation of property over other people, a mortal sin for believers and seculars alike. It is possible for something to be un-punishable, and perhaps even non-indictable, but not for this can it become desirable, if it is about the suppression of a human life, conceived in the womb of a woman, (the non-offensive rights of the others are a desirable dimension of our common Western existence).

Francis is a son of the Church and catalogues abortion alongside the other products of a throwaway culture, for example poverty. Mother Theresa knew that nobody is poorer than a baby not born as a result of a mother and father’s decision Or even due to positive law decreed by the body politic, from the majority pro tempore of an assembly, from a totalitarian state which invades and destroys the public space of the non-negotiable criterion regarding life .

With a difference that the Pope of Rome does not see. Over the last decades about a billion people have emerged from social poverty. And a billion and a half people have been forcefully excluded from postnatal life. It is called welfare.

[Rorate translation by Contributor Francesca Romana]