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For the record: Another prominent liberal gets a major US diocese

To no one's surprise and a day after the news had been leaked to the "correct" blogs and websites, the Vatican today announced the appointment of Robert McElroy, 61 years old and currently an Auxiliary Bishop in San Francisco, as Bishop of San Diego, California -- the 13th largest diocese in the USA (out of 197). The Diocese of San Diego, it so happens, has more than double the number of Catholics of the Archdiocese of San Francisco. 

McElroy recently declared publicly in favor of the Kasperite thesis and has been a leading public critic of the enforcement of Canon 915 against pro-abortion politicians. With his "elastic" and dissenting views on homosexuality he became one of the architects of the policies that would lead to San Francisco becoming one of America's most "gay-friendly" sees (at least before the enthronement of Cordileone).

We leave it to the usual "progressive" pundits to discuss his "credentials" at greater length and to openly explain, in great detail, why his appointment is great for their agenda.