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Radicati Editorial: Modernized Catholicism offers Modernity to Muslims - and they understandably reject it

It won't be a Liberal religion that will save us from Islam

Editorial: Radicati nella fede, March 2015
Newsletter of the Catholic community of
Vocogno, Diocese of Novara, Italy

We must pray a lot to St. Joseph during this month dedicated to him: for us, for Holy Church and for the work that God asks of Her in the world.

Protector Sanctae Ecclesiae, is the last title of invocation in St. Joseph’s litany - Protector of Holy Church.

The Holy Church must be protected from all Her enemies, who are the same enemies of Our Lord - enemies inside and outside the Church. Perhaps, during these really difficult times, we have to pray to St. Joseph, in particular, to protect the Church from the enemies inside who are certainly the most dangerous.

Last month we wrote and we insist on it again here, that the greatest enemies inside the Church are those who reinterpret doctrine and action through the false dogma of modernity. They reread all of Revelation, all the truths of the Faith, all pastoral and sacramental action, by bending them to the ideology of modernity, summed up mostly by putting man at the center where God should be. Man is at the center of modernized Christianity; man with his needs, his desires for happiness and his intolerance of impositions or commands of any kind; an agnostic Christianity, as we said before, which, having no certain knowledge of God, stops at man and ‘his living-well.’ In other words, it is the whole of Christianity reread under the light of the rights of man, summarizable in the liberty, brotherhood and equality of the French Revolution: anything that is compatible with these revolutionary principles is kept; anything that is from Christian Revelation and doesn’t correspond to this magna carta of modernity, is set aside, censured or clumsily re-interpreted.

For about sixty years now, all of this has caused the most dramatic crisis that Catholicism has known in its entire history (just think of the chaotic difficulties at the Synod on the Family, unable to reconcile obedience to God with the rights of man) and is now making Western Christianity frighteningly impotent against other religions, particularly with the very grave problem of Islam in our very midst.

What does modernized Catholicism do faced with Islam and its terroristic religion of violence ?

Does it ask Islam to accept modernity? Does it ask it to put the person at the center in the place of God? Does it ask Islam to accept the trinomial of the Revolution, freedom-equality-fraternity? Modernized Catholicism, reinterpreted, has the audacity to expose itself, by submitting that the Catholic Church, after an erroneous refusal of 200 years, has [finally] understood how to embrace modernity, by restructuring itself into a more mature phase of religion. Consequently, the modernized Church is asking Muslims to try and take the same steps, so that they can join the assemblage of the modern religion which puts man at the centre.

What will real Muslim believers understand from this invitation? They will understand that we no longer believe in God, that we have become agnostics, that the dogmas of the Masonic religion, which support the centrality of Man, have thrown out the true dogmas – the dogmas of God!

What a disaster!

The Muslims will be confirmed in their idea that the Christian West is immoral and should be opposed.

How different the approach of authentic Traditional Catholicism, would have been! It would not have asked Muslims to adapt to modernity, but would have made an appeal to their reason and have asked them to verify the historical truth of their origins; to verify which is the true Revelation of God, Christ or Mohamed. There is definite proof that it is the Revelation of Christ; to verify where God has truly spoken. The Church has always provided the proof about the truth of Christianity and the falsity of Mohamed’s heresy, with no illusions of obtaining impossible mass conversions. The Church has always asked for intellectual honesty, since God has given us reason, to verify if God spoke to Mohamed or if Mohamed is simply a heretic who distorted the only true Revelation of Jesus Christ.

The Catholic then, should approach Muslims with healthy apologetics, which confirm the truth of Christ, not invite them to adapt their religion to the one of Masonry. This is what a Catholic has to do with the Muslim.

By doing this, and we repeat, the Church will not convert Muslims en masse, but will demonstrate to Her children and the whole world that She is not agnostic, that She believes in the Most Holy Trinity and the one and only Redeemer, Our Lord Jesus Christ. And if She does this, so reinforcing the faith of Christians – called to martyrdom if necessary – She will also touch the heart of some Muslim soul and with the grace of God they will convert.

What a tragic mistake, then, it is to waste time asking Muslims to apply their reason in acknowledging the rights of man but not in recognizing the true God in Jesus Christ! It’s as if the modern Church is saying to Muslims: seeing that we cannot verify who the true God is, come to an agreement with us and accept modern liberties which are the only certain things. This is nothing but pure agnosticism!

Dear brothers and sisters, it will not be the religion of Masonry (the one of the unknown God) that will save us from terroristic violence and invasion. The religion of Masonry has destroyed Christianity in the West from the inside, by emptying it of all appeal, making it incapable of addressing minds and hearts; it has killed the Christian mission and given space to all the false religions. The violence of these times is only the latest tragic outcome of this Masonic work.

It will not be the religion of Masonry, but authentic Traditional Catholicism that will save us; and this salvation will also pass through the blood of martyrs, those Christians who die praying to Jesus Christ, the Savior. It will be a Catholicism filled with God that will save us. A Catholicism that uses reason, not by putting man at the centre but by confirming the centrality of God.

Only Tradition will give Catholicism the dignity again to brave today’s neo-paganism and Islam; it will restore Catholicism’s dignity, freeing it from the slavery of the Masonic spirit.

Protector Sanctae Ecclesiae ora pro nobis.

Yes, St. Joseph, pray for us, for the Western Church, so that it may find once again the path of certain, simple and perennial Faith – the only one capable of mission.

[A Rorate translation by Contributor Francesca Romana.]