Rorate Caeli

Liberal World Order and Jihadists: Different Struggles, Same Victim
- History's light of hatred against the Church of God



Juan Manuel de Prada
[Spanish daily] ABC
April 6, 2015

The Jihadists, who know quite well that the New World Order is antichristical, do not direct their attacks against organizations and authorities, but against Christians.

It will not have failed to call the attention of anyone that the recent slaughter in Garissa University, Kenya, did not lead to the same lamentations among Western leaders as, for example, the murder of the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists; it did not unleash the explosion of outcries and manifestos to which the annoying intellectuals, of both left and right, have got us used to; and not even were large protests assembled with solidarity posters ("Je suis This or That"), so that the dumbed-down masses could release their little tear and go back home very proud of getting to know each other.

It is probable, on the other hand, that it did not call the attention of some that, at the same time that the young Kenyan Christians were being massacred, the Paris Metro was asking for the removal of some posters in which the concert of some singing priests was advertised; and this was done out of rejection for this foul plague of the singing priests, but because, as it was made clear in the posters, the receipts of the concert would be destined to "the Eastern Christians". 

In order to justify the removal of the posters, the Paris Metro claimed that they violated "secularism" [laïcité], a truly demential excuse, because giving money to those in need does not mean making a profession of faith nor proselytism. What these filthy scoundrels of the Paris subway really wanted to say is what we see, under less vile or better concealed expressions, in any place of the West, including our rotting Spain; the only difference is that the French, who have just received their hebdomadal punch, are even more gutless than the others, and that in their eagerness to show an equidistant posture, they overdo the attitude up to the level of infamy. 

But the disease of equidistance is the specter that haunts all the neo-pagan West: suffering from it are its small politicians, poor puppets at the service of a New World Order that holds it clear (and has always held it) that the true enemy is Christianity, whose downfall must be reached with the help of all means, including the use of Islamic terror, that can push many towards apostasy out of fear; also suffering from it are the dumbed-down masses, these mobs of pagans (in the double sense of the word, because they have stopped believing in God, and because they are simply herds of simpletons that the New World Order milks by way of taxes in order to finance its usury) that, deluded, think that religions (like this, in the plural) are a calamity that must be repudiated, since they prevent the advent of the gas lights of Lady Reason and the hearty banquet of Miss Democracy, her licentious and mocking daughter.

Let it be said, additionally, that the Jihadists -- who are very aware that the New World Order if antichristical -- do not direct their attacks against organizations and authorities, but against Christians. They do not invade with their automatic weapons the gym of a certain higher-up of the United Nations, or the hair salon of a higher-up of the International Monetary Fund, but rather Catholic or Orthodox churches, or universities where they know Christians study (and, before killing them, they make sure that they are Christians). With this, it is once again made clear that Jihadist insanity and Western "equidistance" have a strategy and a common enemy. And that both are guided by the same light, that light that, in the words of Chesterton, 

"has never darkened; a white fire clinging to that group like an unearthly phosphorescence, blazing its track through the twilights of history:... the halo of hatred around the Church of God."