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Buenos Aires? Ecclesia Dei? Mauritius bishop has different take on SSPX

Bishop Maurice E. Piat

From the website of the Diocese of Port-Louis in Mauritius:

Father Duvergé, Superior of the Saint Pius X for the District of Africa and the Indian Ocean, sent us a circular announcing that the SSPX intends to build a church in which to celebrate what they call "the Traditional Roman Catholic Mass." The SSPX is seeking to acquire land and has already made an appeal for funds.

In his circular, Fr. Duvergé presents as the project’s goal “to preserve the Roman Catholic faith in Mauritius." In the same breath, he accuses the Catholic Church of distorting the doctrine, liturgy, the sacraments and the moral teaching of the Church.

I draw the attention of the faithful on the fact that the SSPX is not in communion with the Catholic Church. The talks initiated by Pope Benedict XVI in 2011-2012 with a view to restore communion, failed.

I therefore wish to warn Catholics against the confusion that is maintained by the Society of St. Pius X: It refers to itself as "Traditional Roman Catholic Church," when in fact it is not in communion with the Roman Catholic Church.

+Maurice E. Piat  

Bishop of Port-Louis