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Antonio Socci: "Dear Pope Francis, we adore God, not men"

Dear Pope Francis, we adore God, not men
Antonio Socci
April 28, 2015
In a message today, Pope Bergoglio said precisely the following:

“How much I would like us to kneel in veneration before the poor in church.”

Quite frankly, I’d like us to kneel before Jesus Christ, Our Saviour, particularly in front of Our Eucharistic Jesus, SEEING THAT POPE BERGOGLIO DOESN’T KNEEL AT THE CONSECRATION, AS HE SHOULD DO, AND, HE DOESN’T KNEEL AT EUCHARISTIC ADORATION EITHER!!!

I say this specifically, as I have had to deal every day with gravely ill and suffering dear ones, in whom I am aware of the presence of Our Lord. And I also say this certain that my father would think the same; he was so poor that he had to go and work in the mines at the age of 14 and died because the coal had destroyed his lungs. He, who was a Catholic miner and a militant Christian Democrat, always hated demagogy and populism, deeming them shameful mockery of the poor.

And Pope Bergoglio’s sentence is truly demagogic and populist!!! ESPECIALLY WHEN WE THINK OF HOW HE TREATED ASIA BIBI’S EXTREMELY POOR FAMILY!

Frankly, such a sentence doesn’t express charity, but ideology.

Dear Pope Bergoglio, let’s start kneeling before the Tabernacle, in front of Our Saviour, and then kneeling before those who are the image of Christ Crucified will also be believable.

Considering in the end, that the poor have no need of such gestures (which can even hide pride), but need our love, our solidarity, social justice, and, as everyone else does - they especially need Our Lord.

What's more, the poor kneel before Jesus Christ, not before their own images (in the photo, two poor farmers kneel on the muddy ground as a priest passes carrying Our Eucharistic Jesus - a lesson for certain prelates!).

[Source, in Italian. Translation by contributor Francesca Romana.]