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Irish priest: God supports same-sex "marriage"

On May 22, the people of Ireland will vote on whether to legalize so-called same-sex "marriage." And one priest is supporting this effort -- even writing that God "rejoices" when two people of the same sex show "faithfulness to each other."
The deep and obviously extreme problems with the Redemptorists of Limerick have been chronicled for years here at Rorate (see here, here and here). Puppet Masses, priests in drag and homosexuals preaching from the pulpit is not a rarity. 

Now, a Redemptorist priest is supporting the May 22 referendum -- and very publicly. 

Below is a letter to the editor of The Irish Times
Sir, – When two people, not bound by blood or kin, love each other to such a profound depth that they want to make a lifelong commitment of faithfulness to each other, then that deserves to be acknowledged, celebrated and solemnised. We are all the better for it – individuals, families, communities and society are life-enhanced – and God in his heaven rejoices. That’s why I will be voting Yes on May 22nd. – Yours, etc,
Mount St Alphonsus,