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Cardinal Müller on the Vatican-SSPX relations: Holy Father wants us to move forward with tenacity [Official Website of the German Bishops' Conference]
August 3, 2015

Exclusive: Cardinal Müller in an interview with [excerpt]

Question: It has been strikingly quiet recently regarding the Society of Saint Pius X. Are the attempts to find an agreement suspended or postponed?

Mueller: Regarding this question, there is no substantial new development. The Holy Father wishes that we keep trying: “con tenacia e pazienza” – “with decisiveness and patience.” The precondition for a full reconciliation is the signing of a doctrinal preamble in order to guarantee a full agreement in the essential questions of the Faith. In the past months, there were encounters of different ways which are meant to strengthen the mutual trust.

[Translation kindly provided by Maike Hickson.]