Rorate Caeli

Catholic Traditionalist Cultural Organization Founded in New York

The current crisis in the Catholic Church is rooted in part in a general cultural malaise. A renewal of genuine Catholic culture is thus one of of the things that would be necessary to overcome the crisis.  We are therefore pleased to report the founding of The Lumen Christi Association of New York: Pro Fide et Cultura (LCA). As the LCA’s Mission Statement puts it, the organization was formed,
to address the educational and cultural needs of persons, institutions, and societies in accordance with the sacred traditions and sacramental life of the Catholic Church, LCA seeks to promote cultural solidarity, a higher law of liberty, the salvation of souls, respect for the ecological and moral order of nature, literacy in theological and liturgical matters, a reintroduction of the classical principles of art and architecture into public and religious space, and harmony between science and religion... Through prayer, persuasion, and action, LCA holds out the possibility of redeeming a sense of Christendom. To that end, LCA’s mission will be realized through conferences, seminars, and lectures, and through collaborative efforts both to support existing institutions and to found new ones consonant with LCA’s ideals and core beliefs.
The LCA’s first public event will be “An Evening to Benefit the Benedictine Monks of Norcia.”