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FIUV elects a new President: official communique

A note to readers: I (Joseph Shaw) attended the FIUV's General Assembly. I am delighted at the result of the elections, which passes the torch of leadership to new hands while maintaining continuity. Notably, our new President, Felipe Alanís Suárez from Mexico, is our first from outside Europe. I have been asked to continue the series of Position Papers which I have been publishing on this blog, and will do so. There follows the official communique from the President.

Felipe Alanís Suárez, at dinner between Cardinals Brandmuller (left) and Pell (right).
Foederatio Internationalis Una Voce

Non cessant clamare quotidie UNA VOCE dicentes: Sanctus, Sanctus, Sanctus

Quae patronum invocat sanctum Gregorium Magnum Papam
2015 - 50th Anniversary Year of the Federation founded in 1965


Dear Members of the Foederatio Internationalis Una Voce,

It is with great expectations that I write this letter to all of you, in my new capacity of President of our beloved International Federation.

As you might have been noticed previously, this weekend, thanks to the hard work of our former President, Col. James Bogle (to whom I’m deeply grateful), the biennial Statutory General Assembly has taken place in Rome, with its last event being the Monday’s morning Mass. In this special occasion and according to our statutes, last Saturday the delegates of the FIUV associations proceeded to the election of the new Council, for which we had the largest number of candidates in the history of our organization, coming from all around the world. This single fact demonstrates the wonderful health and relevance that the Una Voce movement has reached, and if you allow me to say, was the greatest way to start the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of its creation.

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