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Synod, Day 2 - It's becoming Vatican III

Auguste Coder, after a David drawing
Le Serment du Jeu de paume [The Tennis Court Oath on June 20, 1789]

Whatever one might say of the sacrilegious "Kasper proposal" (the very embodiment of what Saint Thomas Aquinas warns us not to do in the Lauda Sion - not throwing the Blessed Sacrament away...), at least it has a very tenuous link to some structure one might identify as a "couple".

The Tennis Court Oath was made by the Progressive Bishops in Rome a few months ago, and the Revolution is in full swing, in the Jacobin phase -- they will not let go of their chance to strike deep, fast, strongly, and in all directions, and nothing is a coincidence.

Some of the "faith and family" issues debated on this second day of debates?

The "ordination" of women to the Diaconate...

Polygamy - a matter to be better decided locally. ("There must be an end to exclusionary language and a strong emphasis on embracing reality as it is," said the Vatican English-language spokesman - which is the absolute opposite of the entire Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ.)

After the high hopes of the Erdo report yesterday, it has gone downhill fast -- into freak-show territory.