Rorate Caeli

Synod Manipulators Reach New Low: Silencing the victims -- then taunting and bullying them

Isn't this "the age of the laity"?... Yet, if the laity, the faithful laity -- the laity who believe in what Christ and His Church have always taught about the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony, Family, Penance, the Blessed Sacrament -- want a little tiny bit of more information from what these hyperclericalist Modernists are trying to manipulate behind closed doors at the Synod, and they find the occasional ally at the occasional good and faithful bishop, then they are humiliated.

Take the example of the poor President of the Bishops' Conference of Poland, Archbishop Gadecki, who tried to provide to his faithful some information of what was being discussed, before being told to remove all information by the Synod Secretary-General, Cardinal Baldisseri.

The pope's personal friend, occasional unofficial spokesman (the pope often makes use of him to send indirect messages), and director of the Holy See official journal, Civiltà Cattolica, Fr. Antonio Spadaro SJ, had the gall earlier this Sunday to make fun of the relentless rule-changing of the Synod (rules changing every single day), and the permanent climate of fear, censorship, and information control by saying the others were trying to mummify the Synod. Which was a sign that the "Synod works".

Of course, this makes as much sense as saying that a medical treatment is successful because the patient is complaining incessantly of searing and unbearable pain caused by the medication -- if he dies from the treatment, then, it is the ultimate sign of success! Those are the geniuses in charge of the Holy Roman Church these days...

P.S. Deacon Nick Donnelly did not have to go far away to reveal the true meaning of Father Spadaro's image: it is the faithful Church, that is being muzzled and suffocated.