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Must-read article on Post-Synod Mess and Holy Mother Church:
"Global Warming? It's souls burning in Hell."


Ettore Gotti Tedeschi
La Nuova Bussola Quotidiana
October 30,2015

A letter to my granddaughter Olivia, born a month ago, for her to read in twenty years time so she may understand the world she finds.

Dear Olivia,

In 20 years time you might want to get married, but what the Sacrament of Matrimony is in 20 years will be determined by what we are doing today, or rather, will depend on a verdict made by the faithful via a referendum...

A synod on marriage just came to an end a few days ago and in reading the newspapers it might seem that it has been a victory for everyone (the progressives and the conservatives alike), just like the aftermath of the political elections which we have all become so accustomed to.

Yet, when we read the letter to the Corriere della Sera (October 27th) from the Secretary of the Synod (Cardinal Baldisseri), one has the impression that those who are going to decide [everything] will be the subscribers themselves (i.e. the people of God) who will be consulted via a questionnaire, disclosing the sensus fidei. Naturally - since the flock possesses its very own ‘insight’ in discerning what the Church must do in matters relating to them. Naturally, since the voice of the Holy Spirit is echoed in the voice of the believers. At this point, in order to understand what kind of Sacrament awaits you, I fear we will have to wait for the verdict from the faithful with a vested interest in the matter…

Dear Olivia,

Every age has always had its own miseries, tragedies and greatness. It has been like this since man first tried to make sense of his existence and actions. And this is the reason the moral authorities of the various religions have always desired and tried to explain the reasons for good and evil. Your age instead, risks seeing these moral authorities disappear, relativized and homogenized in a globalized world, with the pretext of evading conflicts due to the affirmation of dogmas and fundamentalisms, proposed mainly in the context of evangelization. I fear that the moral authorities will no longer be the same and this [will happen] with bias against the knowledge of the Truth and the conquests of the Faith. You will realize this in a few years time when you start catechism.

What else can we ascribe the responsibility of all this to but the gnosis which is becoming dominant everywhere?

In philosophy – having been able to relativize even that which is absolute; in anthropology – having been able to degrade man to the level of a more or less intelligent animal - even if a cancer in nature; in economy – being able to persuade that economic poverty causes moral poverty; in science and technology – being able to persuade that both of these must have moral autonomy. The moral authorities(of the various religions) react differently to this work of reshaping [reality]. In some spheres and cultures they react violently. In others, they allow themselves to be intimidated for fear of being marginalized, and, so as not to be thought of as fundamentalists, they even justify and skillfully camouflage sin, error and disorder.


The world in which you will be an adult, will confirm the theory of evolution, but the other way around: man – a creature of God – will be evolving into a savage. In the world in which you will be an adult, you will have to be prepared to face and overcome some hazards. The first hazard will be not being able to understand whether Truth comes before or after the freedom to seek it, or if it comes perhaps from dialogue with other truths. The second hazard will be not being able to understand the origin of the evils afflicting man, whether it is really economic inequity or moral iniquity. Another hazard will be in labouring to understand the subtle difficulty of choosing between mercy and justice, when these seem to be in conflict. These, and many other hazards become even graver when the moral authorities muddy the waters by not correcting the ideas and behaviour of man, but by adapting to them, i.e. making excuses and being inclusive, instead of thinking about conversion. This means, adapting themselves to the times which ask for evolving dynamism in understanding the natural laws.

Certainly, Holy Mother Church, over the ages, has known, thanks to the Saints, how to operate changes in rectifying the errors of man: from heresies, to Protestantism and Modernism - all these come to mind. However today, the gnosis has succeeded even in denying the truth where it ought to be, and puts freedom of conscience where it ought not to be. The gnosis of today, has succeeded in denying the Church the right to evangelize (out of respect for other cultures), but asks Her instead to allow the[individual] conscience (never before so badly formed) to decide what is good or evil. This is the equivalent of asking a blind man to pass a traffic-light where he can’t see the red and where he risks having a collision. The Church is being asked to allow man the freedom to establish, in conscience, what is good for him, not realizing that this is the equivalent of putting a little mouse in front of a piece of cheese set in a well-camouflaged trap. The Church is being asked to allow shepherds to decide on the maturity of the individual’s conscience so that they can return to the flock, when it was the self-same shepherds that made them leave in the first place.

There we have it, dear Olivia, all that I can explain to you. This is why we have an earthly global-warming. We have it, thanks to the exaggerated number of souls that are going to burn in hell - all thanks to this doctrinal confusion.

[Translation: Contributor Francesca Romana]