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UPDATE: Priest denied traditional Latin Requiem Mass: Maybe his Church tax was delinquent?

After a thunderous response from our readers, including priests (and most likely bishops), the ultra-leftist Bishop Stephan Ackermann of Trier, Germany, has reversed his decision and will now allow Fr. Andre Hahn of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP) to say a traditional Latin Requiem Mass for Father Adolf Mohr tomorrow.

The intrepid Catholic journalist Barbara Wenz (read her here) asked the Diocese of Trier on Twitter to confirm he banned the Latin Requiem Mass for the late Fr. Mohr. The diocese tweeted this back:

"Requiem and funeral will be celebrated in the extraordinary form of the Roman rite."
Traditional Catholics have a voice and it's more powerful than we often believe.

Original post 11/11/15 12:47p.m. GMT:

We joke in the headline, but it's really not humorous. In fact, it's a grave scandal to rob anyone, especially a priest, of his last wishes and the sacraments owed to him. Please weigh in and spread the word: 

Please Protest: German Bishop Prohibits an Old Latin Requiem for a Dead Priest

Bishop Ackermann is blessed in 2012 by a protestant Priestess
Last Friday, Father Adolf Mohr (86) of Rheinböllen, Germany, died from cancer. After his retirement he returned to the Old Latin Rite of his youth. In his will he expressed the wish to be buried in this rite. His parish priest guaranteed him in writ that his wish would be respected.
But Trier Bishop Stephan Ackermann forbad the requiem. Ackermann is considered a radical who likes to speak about mercy.

Fr Mohr’s funeral will be on Friday, against his wish, in the new rite.

Please help to prevent this disrespect of a priest’s last will. Protest now by writing in polite English: