Rorate Caeli

"The Post-Synod Fan-Club" - A New Church has arrived!

Fabio Colagrande
October 29th, 2015

“Mercy, Tenderness, Forgiveness and Openness are the signs of the New Church. However, let it be clear: we won…”

The Synod is over and if there is still anyone around that doesn’t realize it, mercy won the day. Actually it won hands down. Finally the Church will have a, super- sugary sweet, welcoming face, to console the many afflicted from failed marriages and the like, with the warm balm of cuddly tenderness. Amid fanfare & fireworks, what triumphed was “accompanying ” “integration”, “let’s just love each other” and “it could happen to anyone”.

The three weeks traced out the inescapable course that inevitably hooks up to the unbridled, greatly anticipated “Jubilee” (for which Rome is super-ready, by the way!) under the banner of forgiveness, of “those who didn’t do it deliberately” of “alright, but don’t do it again” of the love that doesn’t judge and condemn anyone whatsoever.

In this brand new Church, so splendid and resplendent, there is no room for punishments without appeal inflicted by frowning faces, there is no room for cruel and merciless terminologies and there is no room for insensitivity, superficiality or hardness of heart. In a word [or two]: everything has to be ‘softy-soft’. The passwords to the future are: openness, understanding, dialogue, friendship “more sympathy”, “more gaiety” slaps on the back, shaking of hands and “ let’s have coffee together, but I’ll pay” etc.… But in the forefront we still have the unfailing: “peripheries”, “the smell of the sheep” and “stop gossiping”.

The big-bad-stern-old-clerical Church, shriveling up inside and so self-referential, focused only on little formulas, tables, lists of good and bad, doors open and shut again, leaves in its place a Church with swinging doors, pacifying, outgoing, and [above all] poor, which has as its priority the welcoming of sinners, refugees and Eugenio Scalfari. The aim is to lead all men to salvation. But truly ALL of them.

We repeat: mercy, tenderness, forgiveness and openness are the signs of the new Church. And all those unpleasant, boring anti-Bergoglian conservative and traditional Catholics, who have been opposing this new, luminous, reformist course by trying to slow it down, by obstructing or even sabotaging the Synod work with false ‘scoops’ or obscure maneuvers, inasmuch as they are despicable, ugly, dirty and bad sinners, may they be flung into the stocks, loathed, humiliated, pointed at, mocked and condemned without appeal to the most horrendous pains of hell and there to burn forever amidst those everlasting flames where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth!
We won, na-na-na-na-na! Snuff it then, because mercy has won the day! Maybe.

[Source. Translation: Contributor Francesca Romana]