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Pacelli: “…today everything indicates that the punishments of God are imminent…”

"Today all around us everything indicates that the punishments from God are imminent: even so – thanks be to God – it is not too late for us. We are capable of impeding them if we believe that this is also a time of grace and recognize what is necessary for our true peace. Beloved faithful! First of all let us recollect ourselves in an act of humility and repentance.  Are we not also somewhat responsible for the catastrophes besetting us? […] If we examine ourselves, every one of us has to confess that we have fallen short […] that we have sinned against the Lord […]."

From the Pastoral Letter to the Dutch Bishops, July 26th, 1942
Andrea Tornielli’s book: Pius XII, Eugenio Pacelli, a Man on the Throne of Peter, Milano, 2007, p. 380

Una Fides Blog | Translation, Contributor Francesca Romana