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Rorate Cæli 10-year anniversary: your thoughts

Today marks the 10-year anniversary of Rorate Cæli, founded on Rorate Sunday, 2005. 

Thank you to all our readers for your loyalty and support. As mostly anonymous bloggers, we do this out of love of our Lord, His Church, and you -- not for fame, and certainly not for money, as we have never accepted a dime.

We promised no hoopla and no big splash today. When you think about the almost unfathomable notion that the Church is in worse shape today than it was 10 years ago when we started there's no real reason for us to celebrate. We have failed Christ and His Bride and have much work to do before we break out the champagne. God willing, we'll be alive to pop those corks.

What we did do in preparation for today was to ask you, our dear readers, to share your thoughts on what this blog means to you. We were overwhelmed with the response, both in volume, and in content. Lives changed, families saved and vocations berthed. 

We cannot post all the emails we received, but here is a sampling. Thanks to all of you who wrote in. Even if you don't see yours here, it warmed our hearts, and we appreciate it.

Rorate reader responses:

I would  like you to know that it was on your website back in 2012 that we discovered the FSSP Mission trips. Our daughter X went with the good FSSP priests in 2012 (Dominican Republic) and 2013 (Peru). 

The following year, she announced her desire to become a nun. After a spiritual retreat to aid discernment, she discovered the Dominican Sisters of Wanganui: 

X is currently a postulant with the Dominicans at Rosary Convent in Australia and finishing up her teaching certificate. She will be entering as a novice this January.

Thank you for posting the FSSP mission trips on your site! As her mother, I can clearly see that Rorate was an instrument for God's calling. 

Please keep X in your prayers.

In Christ and His Blessed Mother

Thank you very much for all your hard work and dedication in providing Rorate Coeli for so many of us. Your efforts are greatly appreciated and your provide great information and inspiration to so many who love our One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.

Monsignor X

Many hanks for 10 years of loyalty to the Faith and holding us all to account.

Brother X

When I began attending diocesan seminary, I was attracted to tradition and also committed to being faithful and obedient to the Church.  I soon discovered that the topic of the Latin Mass and doctrinal tradition was tied into a cultural spiderweb of prejudice and emotional baggage that made it difficult to approach the matter with objectivity.  Like many Catholics, I felt that my faith in Christ and his Church could only make sense if it is an adherence to the Church as a single entity founded by Jesus Christ and continuing without essential change since apostolic times.  I wanted to be faithful to the Church as she is and not to some hypothetical reality that exists on paper or as a mere mental construct based on a hand-picked mix of history and a priori prejudicial judgments concerning the practical continuity of the actual practice of the faith in the Church prior to and following the Second Vatican Council.  I had to assume that the Church today is a single entity with the Church founded by Christ and that there is definite and real continuity of this entity until the end of time.  I also had to acknowledge that many events and attitudes that Catholics experience in modern time seem to oppose this view.  Too often did I get the impression that the life of the Church from the time of St. Gregory until the time of the Second Vatican Council was either irrelevant or some sort of unhealthy deviation from the Church of the Fathers; that would mean that the Church has been going astray for more that half of its sojourn upon the earth!  Thus I came to the view that the only reasonable position to take was to adhere to, and judge, what is new out of the context and experience of what is old.  I felt that I must accept what is new only in light of Tradition.

As a practical result, I was of the attitude that the only way for me to adhere faithfully to the Church today was to steep my mind and heart in the Church as she developed all the way up to the Second Vatican Council, and especially including that so-often-dismissed period that lasted from the time of the early Fathers until the time of Vatican II.  This seemed the only reasonable way to be able to understand and accept Vatican II and the developments of the post-conciliar age.  This, however, is more easily said than done (and, in fact, cannot be done perfectly, since we really live only present).  It is difficult, as a social being, to adopt such an approach without the support of other Catholics who have similar aspirations.  I found some support in the people surrounding me, but was, very importantly, able to supplement this support by the use of the internet.

When the first blogs and news-sites that I followed began to wane (especially "Seattle Catholic"), I found "Rorate Caeli."  In those days, especially in the time leading up to Summorum Pontificum, I was refreshed by the impression that Rorate Caeli always made posts when new information was available, but didn't waste my time by posting things that were a mere repetition of things we already knew.  I was also refreshed by the fact that Rorate Caeli seemed resistant to letting its rhetoric be pulled into the bitter feelings and attitudes that so easily arise among human communities who are treated with suspicion, prejudice, or a confusing inconsistency.

Since my ordination, I have found that cultural pressures on myself (as an individual) against Tradition and the Latin Mass have greatly waned.  I rely far less on the internet for support than I used to.  Nevertheless, as I live out diocesan priesthood in this modern cultural context, Rorate Caeli still remains a useful tie to the cultural world of Catholic tradition; and contrary to the complaints of some individuals, I find that the site still exerts an effort to be balanced, remaining rooted in Tradition, unafraid to point out things that make us feel uncomfortable, without devolving into bitterness and despair.  Thank you Rorate Caeli!

Father X

For most of its existence, Rorate has been the first stop for my morning net surfing. You manage – quasi apis argumentosa — to call our attention to a variety of important issues that the mainstream/liberal Catholic blogosphere overlooks, suppresses, or just plain wishes would go away. And you had the foresight to predict how Jorge Mario Bergoglio would turn out, from the very moment he was elected to be the — uh, person to step out onto the loggia. Bravo e grazie! 

Father X

My very conservative Novus Ordo parish in NY for some 17 years was taken over by the Lavender Mafia back in 2006/2007 as our very old pastor retired.  Shortly after that takeover the Motu Proprio SP began to have its effect.  As someone who spent much of my youth in the so called Charismatic Renewal in the Church, I could have gone a completely different way were it not for the influence of your blog.  I may have gone the sede-vacantist route or I may have left Catholicism and possibly even Christianity altogether since the LavMaf takeover was traumatic and complete (it is a story that would take hours to tell, believe me!)

The net result of your influence on me was that I eventually scooped up my entire family and moved to a well established FSSP parish in Richmond VA.  Fortunately for me, I'm an IT professional and my company does not care where I work as long as I have a good broadband connection.  That was nearly three years ago that we moved. I have never looked back.

Thank you for being there and thank you for telling the difficult stories in a time when mostly every other form of Catholic media enjoys peace at any cost.  I'm sure there are many who would just love to shut you down.  You are to Catholic media what many independent (beholden to nobody) news websites are to secular media... only you are far more vital... because you expose the good and not so good in a Church which has been weakened by so many internal self destructive forces.

As a parent and husband... I can never thank you enough for your influence on me, my wife and my children.

In the Hears of Jesus, Mary & Joseph

I have been reading your blog for several years now, and when I reflect on that, I am filled with gratitude for all your efforts to bring Tradition back to its rightful place in the Church and in the life of every day Catholics. In the late 1980s, I went to a Latin Novus Ordo at the National Shrine. I was struck by the unearthly beauty of the Gregorian chants. I didn't have any historical knowledge of what had happened since 1965, but I remember thinking, "they have let the vandals sack the Church's beauty and reverence." Now, many years later, your blog has helped me, and not only me, but my four children and my wife, come to a greater appreciation for the Traditional Latin Mass and all it stands for, and how the present state of the Church has come about. 

I really appreciate, as well, how you both inspire with news of the good, and bravely confront news of the bad in the Church today. I go to a TLM about twice a month; my daily Mass is a NO, reverently offered. With your blog's help, I have a better sense of how we got where we are as a Church, and how immensely important it is that ancient rite be restored to its rightful prominence in the Church. In the meanwhile, I pray the Mass more deeply, in part thanks to your efforts, which has brought many graces to me and my family from our infinitely good and merciful Lord. May He richly bless you all for your efforts, keep you safe in this life, and reward you and your families with His eternal presence one day in Heaven.


I first read Rorate when friends would send links to particular essays. I remember thinking that it was too extreme or sensationalist. But as I learned more about the Council and the devastation of the past fifty years, I came to rely on Rorate for penetrating analysis, courageous witness, timely information, and genuine good news (even if we wish there could be more of it). It has become a mainstay of my Catholic reading and has deepened my commitment to Tradition and to living the Faith in its fullness.

Peter Kwasniewski

I have followed your blog for about 5 years and although I have never written or commented on your content, I have found it to be the rock upon which discouraged Catholics may cling. 

I never in all my three score years and ten thought that I would consider the Pope to be anything other than the leader whose guidance was always based on sound doctrine.  In such a situation I was content to stay and follow the Vatican 11 model, despite some niggling reservations. It was still Catholic, even if it was titling to the protestant side, which I was able to ignore. 

The Lord then destroyed my lazy position and gave me Pope Francis. Almost immediately he bestowed on us one shocker after another and it never stops. He is the Pope who keeps on giving. Without Pope Francis I would probably still be cosy in my Novus Ordo mass, thinking everything is fine. His comments even encouraged other Bishops and Cardinals to come out from under the rock and show themselves to the world. I thank the Pope for this, for now we know who the heretics are and we know who to avoid. 

But my growing fear about where the church was heading was further heightened when I visited a number of Catholic blogs and there raged a war between many different catholic groups. And these all claimed to support tradition. Should not they all be on the one side?  The one shining light among all of these blogs was Rorate, who  gave moderate and considered opinion, spiritual truth and a degree of intrigue, in that you always seem to have the information that was close to the seat of Peter.
Some six months ago, although not abundant in my city, I found the Traditional Latin mass and on the first day I went to Solemn High Mass I was blown away. How we have been robbed.  It took me back to the days when I was an altar boy. 

I must partly credit Rorate with my change, along with our giving Pope Francis who woke me from my stupor. I am sure that you have many days that you feel depressed by some of the comments that I am sure you receive, but be assured that there are many thousands in the world who rely on the information you dispense, who like me, read Rorate every day to keep them on the path to God.  

I congratulate you on your 10 years of service to God, the Souls in Purgatory and to his truly lost sheep and I believe that your service is going to be greatly needed in the not too distant future, because this Pope clearly does not like the Traditional Mass nor its followers and he will take steps to stop it’s practice. Be assured your work is in my prayers. 


Thank you so much for your blog. You have provided much needed spiritual support to this Catholic in a time of unprecedented confusion and upheaval in my country and in the Church. You are only one of a few number who are standing up for families, many of whom are going through a silent martyrdom because no one will speak up for them.  God bless your work. 


Congratulations on your 10 year anniversary! A few years back when I was first introduced to Tradition and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass (I prefer not to call it the "Extraordinary Form" or the "Traditional Latin Mass" but just simply "the Mass; Holy Mass" because the Novus Ordo is a separate rite in of itself), I needed a place of solace where I can nourish myself with truly Catholic ideas. Rorate Cæli not only supplied that for me, but it also gave me comfort and solace knowing that there are people out there like me struggling with today's issues but continue to be firm in the faith. I especially appreciate the opportunity to enroll souls into the Purgatorial Society - I have enrolled souls whenever I could and continue to do so. You have no idea the joy, peace, and comfort the mourning have felt when I tell them that I am having Requiem Masses said for their believed dead. 

Thank you for all that you have done, continue to do, and what you will eventually do for myself and countless others worldwide. May the Holy Ghost continue to inspire your efforts. May our Blessed Mother continue to shine her Son's graces upon you. May the Saints ever keep you in their hearts. 

I ask that you pray for me, a lowly, faithless servant of our Blessed Mother who still has much to learn, and who struggles in this life. You are definitely in mine. May God have mercy on us all. 
Thank you so much.

Lay person here, 7 years back to tradition.  You are my most respected and trusted blog.  I think of you sort of like a wise and holy old traditional priest, the kind I knew growing up when things in the Church were clear and sure.  Your posts are so informative, truly Catholic, and never with anger or malice.  Your love for Christ and His Church always shines through.  Sometimes you are a little too learned for me, but I like that too.  I pray God will richly bless you all. 


Thank you so much for your website!  Our family depends on this site.  We trust your reports and articles.

We appreciate your honestly and courage.  

Praise God for you and all your contributors.  Keep up the great work!

May God continue to protect the Rorate Caeli site and all who write and read it.


Rorate Caeli has a great blessing. I came to the Latin Mass by reading the Latin Mass Magazine. For several years drove one and a half hours to mass at the Ventura Mission. Then Rorate and Messa in Latino started a joint petition to Pope Benedict XVI on how to reintroduce the Mass that had been unjustly forbidden to us by Paul VI and his CouncilBishop accomplices. There were thousands of signatures with full names and addresses. It was fascinating to read because they included many people I knew. When Summorum Pontificum came out a sense of deep relief was felt by all in our side of the fight for the Faith. Summorum Pontificum was perfect and it re-authorized the suppressed mass. What joy!

The Traditional Latin Mass has made steady progress since then in the USA. A great step back was when comments were terminated at Rorate. We lost the insights of many wise posters, which I miss still.


I have no idea when I started reading Rorate (thinking back, it probably couldn’t have been too long after its inception) but I’d learned, over several years, to trust it without exception. 

However, it was only when we reached March 13th, 2013, that I realised the depth of that trust. That was the night that the Church changed. It was also the night that the Catholic blogosphere turned.

I had no idea that the visceral disquiet I felt, in the precise micro seconds that His Holiness Pope Francis appeared on St Peter’s balcony, was also being experienced by thousands of fellow Traditional (and non-) Catholics around the world (as I’ve since learned from many online testimonies of “that moment”). It wasn’t just his awkward demeanour. Or the 1970s-style glasses. Or the absence of the mozzetta (we had no idea at that point about the refusal of the red shoes, the black trousers, the Ford Focus and the rest of “Project Humility”). Nor simply that he had chosen “Francis". Or that he was from the New World. It also wasn’t that he had asked the crowd to bless him. It wasn’t, obviously, even the sum of all those things. For I am talking about the very first micro-instant. An intense internal disturbance that I felt after 0.00001 seconds. Possibly even less.

A little under an hour earlier I had been elated to hear that the white smoke had appeared and spent the interim “praying for Ranjith” or someone similar. 

Despite my attempts to do so, the feelings that I experienced at the precise moment I saw Pope Francis move to the front of my TV screen defies proper description and probably always will. It was a “something else” that I had never felt before or since. A sickening thud in my innards that I had absolutely no evidence or basis for, apart from “gut feeling”. And immediately so. 

As the hours unfolded, I headed to Rorate like millions of others. Just desperate for good news. But before I had gone to bed, I had not only read the first negative signals provided by Rorate's trusted informants but also this site’s straight-out-of-the-blocks, and grounded with evidence, verdict. Be prepared. Tough times ahead. This. Will. Not. Be. Good. That feeling I had experienced at my very core just a few hours earlier now had terrible basis. My choice, then, was simple: trust Rorate on this one, or don’t. But so quickly? Yep. Afraid so. For I knew that this was one site that didn’t take risks or gambles, there had to be a rock-solid reason for the stance it was taking in a papacy that wasn’t even a half day old. This was reputation-on-the-line time.

As a Traditional Catholic that told me all I needed to know. As a journalist it sent a very clear professional message. And as someone who just had a “gut feeling” it near frightened the life out of me to realize that my inmost senses had called it – however disturbing that was to conclude. Over the next few days, weeks and months, Rorate was hammered. Blah blah, give the Pope a chance, blah blah, how can you judge him so quickly, blah blah try reading him through Benedict, even. 

Rorate just never wavered. That was all I needed to see. This site would be proved right - depressingly.

That was the night that Rorate Caeli became Rorate Caeli. That was night Rorate Caeli left all the other Traditional Catholic websites behind and occupied a previously unknown space in the Catholic blogosphere. That was the night that Rorate Caeli published its most important post ever.

Prayers, as always.

Having been born in 1990, but fortunate to have excellent Catechesis growing up in Africa, I have never identified as a Traditionalist. Then as an adult I moved to Europe, and encountered a dying Church, where Christ was marginalised. Even though Summorum Pontificum was published in 2008, I had never heard of the TLM until I read your blog. I was beginning to struggle with what I can only describe as 'hippie' Masses and liturgies that seemed to worship man more than God. Then I found your blog in late 2013, after the tribulation of the Papal resignation and chaotic start to the current Pontificate. I found a faith that was truly eternal, given to us by Jesus Christ. Now, especially after the the chaos of the Synod I have found that I have always been a Traditionalist. I found that to be Catholic is to be a Traditionalist.

I assure you and all the contributors to the Blog will be in my prayers.

Keep the on the Great Work, Keep the Faith


Congratulations to you all for the success you’ve made of Rorate Caeli. I’m a relative newcomer to your blog, and to Traditional Catholicism; I discovered your blog—and Traditional Catholicism—in my search for information that could help me to sort out, and to deal with, the distressing things that I have been seeing within The Church during the past few years. This search has caused me to see that the problems I was becoming aware of are part of a struggle that has been churning for a long time, and I came to believe, as have so many others, that the best remedy is to return our Catholic roots. In no small part, Rorate Caeli has been very helpful to me as I move in the Traditionalist direction. Thank you all, and I hope your blog is with us for a long time to come.


The rorate-caeli blog has become my go-to information source. There was a gap in cyberspace when Seattle Catholic went its way into the stratosphere. Rorate ably filled those shoes and then some. 

Commentators, priests and bloggers use it as primary source material. I think rorate was the basis of the increased web presence of traditional newspapers too. And it is helpful in the endeavor to unite all traditional groups against the three-fold enemy: The world the flesh and the devil. I know as a laywoman, my Faith would be a lot weaker if rorate was not available. I also like the banner artwork that reflects the liturgical year. Hats off and keep up the good work!

In our Infant King


I just want to thank you guys, not only for your unbending orthodoxy but also for your breaking news stories. Rorate is my primary source for Church news and is an excellent counter balance to the general diocesan confusion. Never give up!


I'm hugely grateful to Rorate for helping me to keep in sight that true face of the Church, which first drew me to her and which I hope to see ever more clearly throughout my life.
I entered the Church eighteen months ago, through the usual insipid RCIA process, and it was thanks to resources like Rorate that I was able to see through the banality and secularism that sometimes discouraged me.

God bless you

Congratulations on 10 years and thank you. I could not survive without logging in daily for your information which is crucial and essential, many blessings upon your contributors.


Fell upon this wonderful blog about 7 years ago. I was in the middle of a spiritual crisis in my NO parish. We'll, you guys really helped me to direct myself and my family to the traditional parish and we've never looked back. I thank God for your support of all the Latin Mass communities without picking sides. That's helped me to realise that venues like this only strengthen the movement. I secretly hope, I guess not so secretly now  that some of the buffoons at the Vatican.... Francis included... read this blog and get a migraine or two... 

Keep up the fine work you do, you guys are always in our family prayers. 


It's been a long time since I started reading your blog and the last couple of years I've been translating into Portuguese a lot of articles from Rorate for the Brazilian Catholic blog Frates in Unum.

May God bless you always!

On the whole a joy. 

Nice to get info on what is really happening inside the Church.


I would like to thank you for serving as the primary source for my learning, slowly over the past couple of years, about the true "traditional Catholic" way of thinking and the errors of the post-V2 era.  By means of your posts, cross-references and linked blogs, a whole new world has been opened up to me, a convert of just over ten years.  My transition from a non-practicing Presbyterian (who knew nothing of anyone's doctrine) to the "novus ordo" Catholic Church was a huge step, given by the grace of God, but learning what has been taken away from the faithful since the 1960's has proven to be just as big and important to me.  I know I can count on Rorate Caeli to keep up with all that is happening today as well as to continue learning about the treasures of traditional Catholicism.


I am a New Yorker and started reading RC blog approximately 8 years ago.  As of six years ago, due to a semi-retirement status, I started reading the blog almost everyday.  I might miss a day here and there due to travel but I usually read the archives when I have the time.  Rorate Caeli has provided me with facts and information very quickly and with authentic translations that I would not be able to obtain on any other website or blog.  I have recommended your blog to friends and family.  Hopefully, they understand the importance of what is being posted and the current state of affairs in the Church and the world.  Thank you and God bless you for your herculean efforts.

Blessed Advent and Christmas.  Happy Anniversary.


Many warm congratulations on your 10h anniversary.  Your blog has been very important to my family and I. It is intelligent, classy and always pleasing on the eye. I think it has become a very reliable truth-teller and has certainly helped me to 'wake up' about what has been going on in the Church, and has also set in motion (for me) a wider realization that we have been very let down by those in authority and have been taught to be complicit in and complacent about the corruption of our Faith and in society generally.

I also have really appreciated your occasional pleas to the 'traditionalist' community to become less nasty and judgmental and more charitable in its dealings as an outward sign to other groups of believers that the traditional understanding of the Church has Truth on its side and is extremely and urgently willing to share it with others, even those who are quite lost. When the 'lost' feel that there's a place for them in Tradition, and see people like themselves on the same journey, then we are really getting somewhere.

Your blog is very good work indeed. Please keep it up!


It is astonishing for me to find out this month that a number of leading lights in my life as a Catholic are all celebrating 10 years this month.

Rorate Caeli, ChurchMilitant and What Does the Prayer Really Say.

And it is astonishing not only because of the coincidence that all were founded in December 2005 (apparently with no connection?....), but especially because I myself (not having any idea that these three lighthouses were being lit up in the middle of the dense mist) discovered the Latin Mass in 2004 and was Confirmed - in the Traditional Rite - by Bishop Longley in December 2005.

I wonder... was it a 'Benedict effect', back then, that revived in all of us a true sense of speaking out for traditional Catholicism?

You all by setting up such marvelous monuments of written and spoken words and me by going ahead with my Confirmation at 30 years of age all on my own in a foreign country December of 2005 is certainly a very important month to celebrate.

Thank you so much for your Faith, your persistence, your generosity. Thank you so much for still being there fighting the good fight.


Rorate Caeli means getting "real" Catholic news and updates. Its my daily dossage of keeping my romanity intact in a Catholic world that slowly fades out in the thick of climate change, poverty alleviation and democratic decentralization. Btw, I started reading Rorate Caeli sonetime November-December of 2006! Happy 9 years to us Rorate.


To answer your invitation, may it be known that Rorate Caeli is the first blog I seek for news about Catholic tradition.  There are other traditional Catholic blogs having a lamenting complaining attitude which makes me want to despair. 

I appreciate your blog of news, events, sermons, commentary, etc.  Your reports are to the point and even what is most unpleasant to read, is written without unnecessary drama (cynical criticism) and is bearable.  Especially what is most welcoming are the priestly contributions when there is so much to learn about our Faith.

I attend FSSP Church and used to attend SSPX chapel.  I pray these two fraternities band together settling all differences because the will of Our Father is unity within His Church for the salvation of souls and for His Glory. Amen.

I pray you continue your work, if it is to glorify Our Blessed Lord.

May His Will be done.

Merry Christmas!

It's my go-to website for trad-Catholic news (and you guys post things before others catch on)!  


As an individual who keeps up with world events on a daily basis, Rorate Caeli is one of the few sites that I visit daily. Quite honestly, if I were limited to visiting one site per day, it would be Rorate. Despite the fact that I practice in the area of constitutional law, there is nothing that is of more importance to me than the condition of the Church. I find that the articles reproduced by Rorate give me a very realistic sense of that which is happening with the faith at-large. I believe the commentary offered is the product of the rich theological understanding and prayerful reflection of Rorate’s contributors. Thank you for your Herculean efforts and for letting those of us among your readership benefit from your fervent devotion to the Holy Catholic Church.


Something like 10 years ago, around the time of rorate beginning, I was experience a dryness in my spirituality about my Catholic religion. I remember once that I felt a strage urge for the TLM, the Mass of my youth that I loved so deeply and that  I missed greatly. To assuage my feelings I began browsing the internet and came across wonderful sites. Two of them especially: Rorate and Angelqueen. Unfortunately Angelqueen decided to change the format and since then the site never was the same. But Rorate was especially sound and I relished reading it and participating in discussions, that were allowed at the time. Eventually comments were discontinued by I have continued to read it daily and enjoy its subjects and their contributors.
I want to congratulate you on this mission that you have has undertaken and plan to continue to be one of your readers for another 10 years, if God grants me this grace.


I was blessed to have found Rorate Caeli almost immediately after  starting back to the Church in 2005. Your blog has been a lifeline ever since. I have found solid education, spiritual guidance, and increasingly with the turbulence within the Church -- solace. I know I can count on Rorate Caeli and I check it daily. I am especially grateful for the Purgatorial Society.  I owe you all a tremendous debt and you all, and the Purgatorial Society and its priests, are always in my regular intentions. May God bless you.


Hello Rorate! I want to thank you for everything you do for us, catholics who nowadays desperately look for real traditional Magisterium.

I am Polish-American, old age woman reader. Every day I start my browsing on internet with your articles. You support me, give me strength and direction in this chaotic moment in the history of Church. I stick firmly to the tradition and old Katechizm .In the articles on your pages I find the same 
Spirit in which I was brought up ages ago in a small village in Poland...


I have been a reader for at least 5 years and your blog is always the first thing I look at when I am on-line. It has been massively important to me in my spiritual development, understanding and practice of the Faith. That development in me has also had an effect on my whole family. In our part of the world there is very limited provision of the Traditional rites but now me and my wife and kids, my mother, my brother and his family and two of my sisters and their families all attend the Extraordinary Form when it is available. A large number of my family now attend the sacrament of penance monthly and practice 1st Saturday devotions.

We had always been a solid Catholic family but we are now all much closer to Tradition and that is in no small part down to your blog (the pontificate of Pope Benedict XVI, the writings of Msgr Klaus Gamber, good local Traditional priests and being part of the pro-life movement not withstanding!)

May God continue to bless your excellent work and be assured that it is bearing fruits in far flung places you'll probably have never even heard of!


Thank you Rorate for helping me back to tradition. You are the first port of call and I always gain something from visiting the site. May God bless all the contributors and their families for their dedication in Our Lord's vineyard, I hope the grace received for such commitment will bring much fruit to your own spiritual lives, and surely be infinitely paid back to you in eternity.

God bless and a holy and peaceful Christmas to you and your families


I started visiting your site about 6 weeks ago and now return to it every day for information and instruction. I pray you will never tire of telling the truth, exposing lies or of working to restore the Catholic Mass to regular use in our Church. Thank you and God bless you.


I am so thankful for Rorate Caeli!  I have learned a lot about my faith thanks to Rorate.  I am also thankful for the R.C. Purgatorial Society and all the priests saying Mass for all the souls in purgatory. Please keep up the excellent work!!! God Bless all of you!


I read Rorate basically every day.  The machinations of some in the Church deserve to be made public and not hidden in the darkness.  I appreciate the updates on the very holy and faithful Franciscans of the Immaculate, so persecuted because they are holy, prayerful, and faithful and those things are not what the current 'powers that be' are looking for.  In fact, those things seem to be hated.

From Rorate, I know where my prayers are often needed. THANK you for your efforts!!!!!

Ave Maria!


In response to your request of comments on what Rorate Caeli blog means to me, the response is very short: CLARITY

After reading reports of Church news on other blogs I click on Rorate to find the in-depth analysis and faith-filled answers to what is happening in our Church today.  No frills or beating around the bush here.  

Thank you for the past 10 years and here's to many more.

Just wanted to say this:  It is the first thing I read each morning, I started doing that when I found it about the end of the 2014 Synod.  The information is always accurate.  I have learned to trust what you say.  Thank you.  


I’ve been involved in the Traditionalist Movement for almost 40 years.  My work has been local and regional...Rorate Caeli has been THE source of information about how Catholics are working to restore the Church across the globe.  It’s typically the first blog I pull up when I check Catholic news.  I have to say that I really appreciate that it’s not all esoteric essays – it includes a healthy dose of human interest stories and photos – those are the most encouraging of all!  God bless the stalwart souls behind this blog.  I cannot thank you enough.


Heartfelt Congratulations on Rorate's 10th Anniversary. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your apostolate! You've become indispensable to we traditional Catholics worldwide, helping us maintain our perspective (maintaining our faith and our sanity!) in the midst of a sadly ever-more disoriented Church and world. Perhaps most importantly, your trustworthy news, comment, and spiritual resources are a source of great hope to us as we trudge our way through this"vale of tears", letting us know that we are not alone. Ad multos annos!