Rorate Caeli

Fr Cipolla presents the new Norcia venture in the United States: Birra Nursia Monastic Beer

By Father Richard Cipolla

There are few places in this world that mean more to me spiritually than the monastery of St. Benedict in Norcia, Italy.

My connection to the monastery goes back to its foundation in Rome and has continued through the years. The monastery has become a true light on the hill for monasticism and the Church in general. It is where the Tradition of the Church is practiced in a way that is real and totally unaffected. I was glad when the monks decided to begin to make beer to supplement their income. This is a venerable monastic tradition. Their beer has been quite successful in Europe.

I had urged them to expand their market to the United States, both to make their excellent beer more available and well known, but also to let themselves to be more well known in the United States as a center of monastic renewal based on the Traditional Liturgy of the Church. Fr. Benedict informed me just a few days ago that their beer will indeed by available to the United States. I wanted to share this good news with you all who love the Tradition and who like beer made in the traditional way. Information can be had at

Since their beer is as good as their chant (I can attest to this), we can already thank God for their success in this venture.