Rorate Caeli

Graphic designers: help the Purgatorial Society

UPDATE: We are already getting submissions, so thank you! But please, take your time. Let's set a deadline of February 15. Those of you who have submitted, go back and think about it and take some more time. Those of you who haven't, don't rush it. We're looking for the best logo/coat of arms we can have to represent the Society.

For those of you who are experts -- or at least proficient -- with graphic design, the Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society is asking for your help.

When we started the Society five years ago, we didn't have anything big in mind. He hoped to find a couple of priests to pray a weekly or monthly traditional Latin Mass for souls that readers would enroll, to make up for the canonizations that happen from the pulpit at most Novus Ordo requiem Masses, which rob the deceased of prayers. Fast forward to today, and we have 70 priests saying weekly and monthly TLMs for the Society, and hundreds of thousands of enrolled souls!

To make this a little more professional, or official, we think a nice logo, or possibly a coat of arms, that we can use with each post would be fitting. And it should have the words "Rorate Caeli Purgatorial Society" incorporated in it. And the font should be Trajan Pro.

We have nothing to offer in return, except for our heartfelt thanks and prayers, and your chance to get credit and show off your work to our large reading audience.

Please send your best ideas to athanasiuscatholic AT and we will pick the winner soon. And for the top ones that don't get picked, we'll still show off your work, so you'll get some exposure.

May God reward -- and the souls of the Society pray for -- all of you who enter your work!