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Priestly celibacy: More than a mere discipline

Yesterday, we reported that priestly celibacy was once again on Pope Francis' radar (see here). We at Rorate have seen this coming for a while as an organic -- yet oh-so-non-organic -- development in the future erosion of the Church's tradition.

Seeing this coming, when we interviewed Raymond Cardinal Burke last year, we asked him about a pending attack on priestly celibacy. His Eminence confirmed that "it's something more than a discipline" and, therefore, would be very difficult to change (see here). 

If we've learned anything, though, it's that everything is on the menu in this Pontificate. 

The link below will take you to a sermon by a traditional mission priest in in good standing with Rome. Even those of you that think you know this issue inside and out will benefit by listening to Father's detailed history of priestly celibacy and why following the East is simply not a viable option for a Church already facing irrelevance and self-destruction.