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"True or false pope?" - Book review on work refuting Sedevacantism

The following brief book review on this work that refutes the error of Sedevacantism was written for Rorate by Fr. François Laisney who, among many other things, was the former United States District Superior for the Priestly Society of St. Pius X (SSPX):

By Fr. François Laisney (SSPX):

I have read the whole book – much to my satisfaction. This book addresses each and every argument of sedevacantists, and adequately refutes it! The arguments are solid and cogent.  

One of the authors is an attorney, who by his professional training is used to strict reasoning, and both authors employ this strict and logical reasoning throughout the book. Their honesty and thoroughness is a great value for this book. It is a very thorough and very well documented book, solidly grounded in the doctrine of the Magisterium of all times and of the Fathers and Doctors of the Church, as well as Catholic theologians.

Given the fact that, at the root of sedevacantism, there is often pride, even such solid arguments still need much prayer in order to obtain the light of grace touching their heart and souls, so that with this grace they will be able to correct themselves. This is indeed the first goal of this book, to help many of them to correct their erroneous position, a position that puts their own faith in great danger and ultimately their eternal salvation. So we pray that this excellent book have many good fruits of conversions.

Yet this book is useful for others. First it is highly useful to those who might be tempted by sedevacantism, in order to enable them to reject it right away for its many flaws. Secondly it is of great help for all Catholics in general, to help them understand better the present crisis of the Church, and the true Traditional position. It will remain the reference book on sedevacantism for many years to come.

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