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A Vatican II Moment: Priest Incenses Moka-Pot Coffemaker - With Ashes Inside in Novus Ordo Funeral Mass

Strangeness never ends in Novus Ordo territory: one of the popularizers of the stovetop moka pot coffemaker, Renato Bialetti, died days ago in Italy (son of Alfonso Bialetti, for whose company the machine was first invented decades ago - the Bialetti family has not owned the Bialetti brand for many years). 

Was he buried as countless generations of Catholic Italians? No, in a last bit of branding, he was cremated and his ashes were placed in a ... Bialetti Coffemaker during what can be called a Coffemaker Funeral Mass. There is a video to prove it... We are quite sure they all thought this was a beautiful and brilliant idea. And there was no ecclesiastical authority to stop it.

The priest duly incensed the Coffemaker (video in this link). This all happened in the Parish of St. Thomas the Apostle, Montebuglio, near Omegna, in the Diocese of Novara, Lombardy, Italy.

By the way, was it a lack of space of money?... No: as the report above clarifies, the coffemaker was "buried" in the very wealthy family's cemetery plot in Omegna, Lombardy.

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