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Grazie, Santo Padre ! - Vatican silence leads to backroom deal - Italian Senate approves Same-Sex "Unions"

Marriage Italian Style: in the 1964 film, Domenico (Mastroianni) made an honest woman
out of his mistress Filumena (Loren). Soon, Italian men will be able to join their rentboys
in Civil Unions in City Halls all over Italy.

So, what happened today in the most important chapter of the Cirinnà Bill -- the Italian bill establishing civil unions for normal and "same-sex" couples in Italy? 

After the disastrous papal interview in the flight from Mexico, in which His Holiness all but called the Italian Church to remain silent on the bill (because he would not venture into political matters, though he did exactly that regarding the United States presidential elections in the very same interview), the Bishops backed down, and the conservative group that was holding back the bill in the Senate (led by Catholic Senator Alfano), made a backroom deal to make the bill "palatable". The Cirinnà bill became the new Alfano bill, with the removal of a few details (particularly regarding adoption and some legal references to marriage), but the greatest portion of the bill remained substantially unchanged.

The deal brokered between Alfano and prime minister Renzi was approved by the Senate this Thursday, and will surely be approved in the lower house shortly. 

Another bastion has fallen.