Rorate Caeli

The Day of the Great Battle

Reflections by Don Elia* and a message from Our Lady of the ‘Tre Fontane’

“Neither is there at this time prince, or leader, or prophet, or holocaust, or sacrifice, or oblation, or incense, or place of first fruits before thee, that we may find thy mercy:” (Daniel 3,38).

It is the triumph of darkness. The authorization, if not the order, has finally arrived ... to feed hardened, obstinate public sinners, His Most Precious Body, which I provided for Him from my own most pure substance, united in an indissoluble way to His Divinity; that flesh with which He immolated Himself on the Cross in expiation for humanity’s sins and that Blood which He shed to redeem fallen humanity as a result of its transgression. That same humanity which has now returned to its vomit trampling on that inestimable grace, absolutely undeserved, but that the Fruit of my womb deserved with Me  one with Him – on Calvary. They no longer believe in the redeeming Sacrifice, they no longer know of the inconceivable love with which We have loved, they are not aware of the risk they are running… for they no longer acknowledge their sins. Now they feel they are fully confirmed by what they think is the supreme moral authority – and it would be, if it did not occupy that place in an illegitimate and unworthy way.

That Friday evening to the morning of the first day of the week, was for me, as it is for you today, a unique, absolute never-ending night of the spirit.  I scrutinized that sidereal darkness, sustained that imponderable emptiness, I placed myself in the void of the total absence of God, without the least of human or Divine support … except that of the flame of charity and faith which the Holy Spirit fostered in my Immaculate Heart at a point so hidden that I did not even perceive the light. It was love that kept the faith alight in me: only for love I wanted to continue to believe, despite the radical and apparently irreversible negation of the facts. I knew, certainly I knew, that I had brought into the world a Son who would rise again; and knowing the promises of God, do they not spare one from being torn apart, not by doubt, no, but  at the torment of seeing one’s very own Love, the Life of one’s life, lying lifeless in the sepulcher, rendered unrecognizable by satanic hate?   

Also His Mystical Body, born of the water and blood from His pierced side, nourished by my untainted flesh assumed by Him, is now hardly recognizable, beaten, derided and humiliated in Her faithful members; tainted and dispersed in Her faithless members.  Certainly, in Her essence the Church is and always will be indefectibly, One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic, but in the historical condition of Her militant part, She is horribly lacerated and besmirched. How many more of my children will depart from Her, scandalized and disillusioned?  Yet when they falsified the Holy Sacrifice of the Altar, many of them said: “If priests can change religion from one day to the next, it means that nothing was true and that until now they have deceived us”. Thus they stopped believing and going to church, risking their very eternal salvation. How hard I had to work in defense of them to my Son, Who, despite the extenuating factors, sees perfectly the unavoidable individual responsibilities!    

Now, with greater reason, they will say: “If the Church has changed view in moral matters, it means that until now She had been mistaken and that, therefore, can be mistaken again, in this and in all the rest”. An then, if nothing is sin, what’s the use of praying, confessing and trying to avoid evil?  How many souls will be lost as a result of this supreme deceit? Yes, if they consent to iniquity they are responsible for their own fate; but can the love of a Mother remain indifferent and abandon them to their tragic destiny?  So, wake up my faithful children! Stop complaining and groaning uselessly, no matter how much your hearts bleed. Be strong in bearing the darkness with Olympian calm and in allowing yourselves to be purified by the seraphic ardor that I am sending you. It is painful, but you must make yourselves immaculate for the mission that awaits you, to form the holy remnant of the end times. And you, ministers of My Only Begotten Son, my dearest sons, you who are His mouth, His hands, His heart, shake your mind from doubts and bewilderment, stand up with courage so as to put yourselves at the head of my army of the elect. If they oblige you to act against your conscience (that is, God’s holy law, which is the only way of Heaven and your conscience), make your decisions confidently. Do not be afraid, I myself will take charge of your future.

Now – according to the prophetic word – that you have no prince, nor head, nor prophet, Jesus Himself feeds you and leads you, Jesus Himself is the Shepherd and Bishop of your souls, Jesus Himself is your inviolable and certain rule: Ego sum pastor bonus, qui pasco oves meas… Ego sum via, veritas et vita.. Turn to Him and gather His Flock. Be as simple as doves and as shrewd as serpents. If my Son concedes you the grace of martyrdom, in whatever form, do not run from it, provided you are certain He wants it, instead of a hasty impetus or a flash of inopportune zeal. There is need of valiant and expert generals who will guide my troops to victory, not of momentary heroes who are easily defeated.  Learn the lesson of 1812 from my dear children in the land of Russia;  After having allowed the enemy to advance right up to the old capital, they deprived it of any provisions to force it to leave, then they attacked it during the withdrawal. I have in vain requested the Consecration of that noble country so that its conversion overturns the fate of the world dominated by the enemies of God: so, pray, fast and offer for this decisive intention.

"The entire Church will undergo a tremendous trial, to clean up the mass of rotten flesh that has infiltrated into Her ministers, in particular among the Orders of poverty: a moral trial, a spiritual trial.  For the time indicated in the heavenly books, priests and faithful will be placed at a perilous turning-point in the world of the lost, which will rush to the assault with whichever means: false ideologies and theologies!  Supplication from both parts, the faithful and the unfaithful, will be made according to the trials.  I, among you the elect, with Christ as Our Captain, will fight for you […] The wrath of Satan is no longer restrained; the Spirit of God is withdrawn from the earth, the Church will be left a widow, behold the funeral drape, She will be left to the mercy of the world.  Children, become saints and sanctify yourselves more, always love each other. […] Marshal yourselves under the banner of Christ. Working in this way, you will see the fruits of victory in the awakening of consciences to the good; despite being in evil, you will see, through your cooperative and efficacious help, sinners converted and the Fold filled up with saved souls." (The Virgin of the Revelation to Bruno Cornacchiola, the 12th of April  at the Tre Fontane.)**
* Source: Don Elia (Ordained to the priesthood in 1995 , Doctor in Theology)

** (1947 – 12th April 2016) the 69th Anniversary of the Apparitions of “Our Lady of the Revelation” “ to the visionary Bruno Cornacchiola. The Holy Virgin, among other things, reaffirmed the importance of the first nine Fridays devotion to the Sacred Heart as “the anchor of salvation”.

For more information on Bruno Cornacchiola and the Apparition of Our Lady at the Tre Fontane see here.

[Translation and adaptation: Contributor Francesca Romana]