Rorate Caeli

“The world they say is new is as old as the Devil himself”

François de Charette

Julien Le Blant
Execution of François de Charette
“Our Fatherland is our villages, our altars, our tombs and all that our fathers loved before us. Our Fatherland is our Faith, our Land, our King.

"But what is their fatherland? Do you know what it is? They want to destroy customs, order and Tradition. Well then, what is this fatherland, without love and fidelity, that defies the past? This country of disorder and irreligion? For them the fatherland seems to be nothing more than an idea; for us it is a land. They have it in their brain; we have it under our feet, it is much more solid.

"The world they say is new is as old as the Devil himself. They want to establish it without God and say that we are supporters of superstitions…. They make me laugh! Faced with these demons reborn century after century, we, gentlemen, are the youth! We are God’s youth! Fidelity’s youth!”

[François de Charette de la Contrie (2 May 1763 – 26 March 1796) was a French Royalist soldier and politician. He served in the French Royal Navy during the American Revolutionary War and was one of the leaders of the Revolt in the Vendée against the revolutionary regime. His relative Athanase-Charles-Marie Charette de la Contrie was a noted military leader. - Worth reading on his capture and death. - Source: Una Fides - Translation: Contributor Francesca Romana]