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Rorate Poll: the United Kingdom and the European Union | Brexit

The Treaty of Rome is signed in the Hall of the Horatii and Curiatii, Palazzo dei Conservatori,
Capitoline Hill, Rome (March 25, 1957)
It is quite amusing today, but there were once not a few hard Protestant Britons who rejected what was then called the European Economic Community (the "Common Market") because they saw in it a kind of "Popish plot" -- and no wonder, since the founding document of what is now the European Union was and is the "Treaty of Rome" (signed on the Feast of the Annunciation, 1957). Not to mention its obviously Marian-inspired flag.

Anyway, we are far from the days of European leaders who were practicing Catholics and who actually went to Mass and knew their Latin quite well -- Adenauer, and Schumann, and De Gasperi... If there is a plot now, it is more on the level of increasing secularization...

In any event, since we are also interested in current events, we wish to know your opinion on the upcoming referendum on the continuing membership of the United Kingdom in the European Union, to be held on June 23. Not what you wish to occur, but what you think will happen: