Rorate Caeli

Dr. John Rao lecture: “Even Now the Devastation Is Begun"

Dr. John Rao (shown in the video above reading the Lake Garda Statement) will be delivering the customary Roman Forum Lecture Series in New York this year. The Program will be as follows:

The Roman Forum
New York City Church History Program

“Even Now the Devastation Is Begun---
And Half the Business of Destruction Done”

Lecturer: John C. Rao, D. Phil. (Oxford University)
Associate Professor of History, St. John's University

September 18:     The Last Pontificates & Princes of the Ancien Régime
October 2:            Learned Bishops, Continued Tridentine Vitality, & the
        Second Spring of the Internal Missions
October 16:          Battening the Hatches: Montesquieu & the Encyclopedia
October 23:          Battening the Hatches: No Enemies On the “Left”?
November 6:         The Lisbon Earthquake & the Voltaire--Rousseau--Atheist--Christian Tsunami 
November 20:      Jesuits, Jansenists, & the Billets de Confession
December 4:        Reform Catholicism & the “Regulated Devotion”
December 18:      Religions of the Heart---Both Sacred & Profane
January 15:          Prussia, Britain, & the Panic of the Potentates
January 29:      The Via Crucis of the Russian Church (But Her Budding Mystical Revival)
February 12:        Regalism in Portugal & Spain & the Anti-Jesuit Assault
February 26:        The Missions Between Regalism & the Enlightenment
March 5:             Intermezzo: The Strange But Temporary Death of the Society of Jesus March 19:     Febronianism, Josephism, & the Troubled Domestication of the Tridentine Germanic World
April 2:                Whither the Eldest Daughter of the Church? 
April 9:                A “Patriotic” French Church & Her Multiple Discontents
April 23:              The Center Cannot Hold
May 7:                    Terror and Catholic Genocide
May 21:               Can the “Infamous Thing” Be Really Dead?

All Sessions Meet on Sundays, at 2:30 P.M.
Wine & Cheese Reception. Entrance Fee at door of $15.00
Our Lady of Pompeii Church

Rectory Entrance, on Carmine Street, west of Bleecker Street

A, B, C, D, E, F, M trains to West 4th Street Station