Rorate Caeli

New Mass Novena: Help the Benedictines of Mary build a new church!

UPDATE: The sisters need $1.5 million to break ground his Autumn. We're reposting this as we know many are away in the summer. Please open your hearts, and your wallets. May God reward you for helping: 

Whenever they ask, Rorate helps raise money for some of the greatest nuns God's blessed us with, the Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles. And, every time, our dear readers have responded in incredible ways, enrolling in their Novena of Masses, purchasing their now-famous CDs, and more.

This time is more critical than ever, as the sisters are finally building their own church, as their temporary chapel cannot keep up with the great demand for vocations.

The Novena Mass Cards you'll receive in the mail are truly stunning: