Rorate Caeli

You Report: a Traditional double first in Dundee, Scotland

From a Scottish reader:

On Sunday 21st August the royal and ancient Diocese of Dunkeld in Scotland celebrated a double first. His Excellency Bishop Robson, the Ordinary of the diocese, conferred Confirmation on three children in the Traditional Rite. Confirmations were followed by a First Solemn High Mass in the presence of an Ordinary by Fr Ninian Doohan who was raised to the sacred priesthood by Bishop Robson on the Solemnity of the Feast of the Assumption in St Andrew’s Cathedral, Dundee.

This was the first time since Vatican II that both Traditional rites have been offered in the same diocese in Scotland - and uniquely - on the same afternoon.

Photographs of both may be seen HERE. The assistant priest was Fr Anthony Mary F.SS.R., deacon Fr Magdala Mary F.SS.R. (Sons of the Most Holy Redeemer), and sub-deacon Fr Mark Morris. The High Mass vestments were donated by Una Voce Scotland to Father Ninian upon his ordination.