Rorate Caeli

Dear Sycophants of Pope Francis: If you truly love him, don't let the world see his nakedness

Ham mocking Noah
Bernardino Luini (1515)
Pinacoteca di Brera, Milan

When a relative we love, due to aging or an underlying medical issue, starts saying or doing inappropriate things, what do we do? Out of love, we take him out of the limelight of life. We spare him of any shame - not for our sake, but for his. When a dear grandmother starts babbling inappropriate words, there is no greater love than to protect her image.

Holy Writ itself presents us such an example, when of the episode of Noah's nakedness and the curse of Ham and his son Canaan. Let us recall:

And drinking of the wine was made drunk, and was uncovered in his tent. Which when Ham the father of Canaan had seen, to wit, that his father's nakedness was uncovered, he told it to his two brethren without. But Shem and Japheth put a cloak upon their shoulders, and going backward, covered the nakedness of their father: and their faces were turned away, and they saw not their father' s nakedness. And Noah awaking from the wine, when he had learned what his younger son had done to him, He said: Cursed be Canaan, a servant of servants shall he be unto his brethren. (Genesis, chapter 9)

The position of Fatherhood is more important than anything in the family, and it belongs to the children to protect it -- if necessary, by covering the nakedness of the father, and not by (out of untoward titillation or sycophancy) letting the father expose his nakedness to the world.

Likewise, the position of the supreme Pontificate of the Church, the utmost fatherly position (which is why Catholics call those in it "papa", Pope) cannot be abandoned to sycophants who wish scandal to be caused. If the Pope is naked, it is the duty of conscientious Catholics to cover his nakedness and preserve the majesty of his spiritual fatherhood, the Papacy.

Pope Francis' league of sycophants, instead, encourage him to display his nakedness to the world, in a myriad of inappropriate interviews and declarations, as was the case with his most recent interview to a Belgian paper (available at the Vatican website), in which he speaks of sexual perversions of which most Catholics had not even heard. They seem to indicate that Pope Francis is not in his soundest mind, and instead of covering this awful reality, and submitting the pope to an appropriate treatment, his groupies rejoice in it.

The persistent anger, rancor, vituperation, use of uncouth words (which is known to be increasingly frequent in private), public scandal, and other aspects of the personality of Jorge Mario Bergoglio demand from his sycophants to stop promoting his nakedness, and instead to cover it before more damage is done to the papacy itself -- and to the Church the papacy is supposed to protect, not hurt.