Rorate Caeli

Denzinger timeline of communion for adulterers in Church history and current pontificate

Nathan rebukes King David for his Adultery (Eugène Siberdt)

For the benefit of our readers, Mr. Andrew Guernsey has graciously shared with us his Denzinger-style research identifying the sources of Church teaching and perennial discipline, and exhaustively cataloguing the Bergoglian machinations, to allow communion for divorced and civilly “remarried” adulterers. In a nutshell, this is nearly every known utterance of the topic from the dawn of man, until our current, pathetic state of affairs.

The document starts with the Old Testament, then the New Testament, and then continues chronologically through the Fathers, popes, martyrs, councils and more upon which the Church bases its unchanging doctrine of the indissolubility of marriage and Her perennial mandate of excluding adulterers from Holy Communion and the Sacrament of Penance, except that they live in complete continence as brother and sister.

Subsequent to Church history, the document also catalogues the timeline of source interviews, homilies and other mischief surrounding the pontificate of Pope Francis.

The contrast pre- and post-Francis on this matter is nothing short of incredible, read in the context of Church history, as this well-researched document proves.

Now, the burden of proof is clearly on those agitating for change -- for rupture. Let them prove how they advocate for this change while remaining God-fearing Catholics.