Rorate Caeli

Prepare ye the way of your funeral

Last week a traditional Latin Requiem High Mass was offered for the funeral of an archdiocesan priest who enjoyed celebrating the TLM in his healthier years. It almost did not happen, as the local ordinary insisted on a novus ordo funeral.  Thankfully, the deceased priest made preparations for the day, and his attorney stepped in to amplify the late priest's desire, including having the funeral elsewhere if necessary.  The archbishop (known as one of the more conservative prelates in the U.S.) dropped his case and attended the TLM Requiem Mass, offered by another archdiocesan priest.
A traditional funeral at an FSSP parish in 2014.
This incident, along with sad examples that could be given (a traditional priest cremated, "On Eagles Wings" performed at white vestment novus ordo funerals for traditional-leaning Catholics, etc.) illustrate the importance of planning ahead for your funeral and burial. Sometimes one's family will opt for the quickest, cheapest and easiest funeral, and the local parish will likely oblige. So, as we enter the homestretch of this Advent season, it should be a time of preparation -- including for such matters as this.

You may recall the Latin Mass Society of England and Wales producing an outstanding document on this subject, which we recommend printing here. Toward the end of the document there are helpful examples of forms to fill out.  Merely desiring a traditional Latin Requiem Mass and burial is not enough -- we must tell others of our specific wishes, and do so in writing to multiple sources.

Prepare ye the way of your funeral, just like the archdiocesan priest last week. 

May he rest in peace.