Rorate Caeli

The 2017 Angelus Press liturgical calendar -- and a surprise

As we do every year, we highlight traditional Catholic calendars that are sent to us. And one of the best each year is from Angelus Press. The 2017 theme is "The Life of Christ through the liturgical year."

But we got a surprise in this year's package!

As always, the Angelus Press calendar is big, beautiful and well constructed. It walks you through the life of Our Lord each month, is marked with the traditional feast and fast/abstinence days and explains the different guidelines depending on location. At just $12.95, it's a must have for every Catholic home. 

While we were expecting the calendar, we weren't expecting this

What a thrill to see in the box. Perfect for one home or for entire churches, this elegant, hard-cover book comes with two ribbons and gold foil stamping. 

More from the Angelus website: "In addition to being printed with a dual-column Latin/English text, the book includes the Gregorian melodies necessary for singing Vespers in common; prayers to be said before and after the office; and an extensive introduction on the history of the breviary. Rubrics printed in red."

We will cherish this keepsake hopefully for generations to come.