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Francis: a Pontificate of Violence and Irrationality - and remembering Pope Benedict

The details of the naked and unconstitutional (absolutely contrary to the Constitutional Charter of the Sovereign Order) intervention of the Holy See in another Sovereign Entity (the Sovereign Order of Malta), revealed this evening by Edward Pentin, are nothing short of astonishing.


The Pope summoned Fra’ Festing to the Vatican on Jan. 24 on the strict instruction not to let anyone know about the audience — a modus operandi that has been used frequently during this pontificate, the Register has learned. During the meeting, Francis asked Fra’ Festing to resign immediately, to which the Grand Master agreed. The Pope then ordered him to write his resignation letter on the spot, according to informed sources.

The Register has also learned that the Pope told Fra’ Festing that the reason for asking for his resignation was the Pope's conviction that he has to do a new, “complete investigation” of the Order, and that such an investigation would be “more easily conducted” if the Grand Master resigned.

The Register has been told that the Pope then had Fra’ Festing include in his letter of resignation that the Grand Master had asked for Boeselager's dismissal “under the influence” of Cardinal Raymond Burke, the patron of the Order. However, as patron the cardinal has no governance in the Order and can only counsel the Grand Master, meaning the decision to dismiss the Grand Chancellor belonged solely to the Grand Master.

Asked if it could confirm this version of events surrounding Fra’ Festing's meeting with the Pope, the Vatican told the Register Jan. 26 it gives “no comment on private conversations.”

If the Grand Master was pressured to resign, some within the Order are speculating about the validity of his resignation as it was demanded immediately without giving him time to consider the matter. They also are concerned it heralds a future purge of the Order.

Furthermore, some are asking that if all the acts of the Grand Master since Dec. 6 are null and void as Cardinal Parolin stated in his letter, would that also include Fra’ Festing’s act of tendering his resignation to the Pope.

On Saturday, the Sovereign Council meets to vote on whether to accept the Grand Master's resignation. (Source: National Catholic Register)

The violence, irrationality, and resentment that led to this forced resignation (by its very nature not free, and invalid, as all forced resignations) make one wonder if perhaps another resignation, that of Pope Benedict XVI, announced surprisingly to the astonishment of all on February 11, 2013, was not obtained with the use of similar methods.

Who knows?... What once sounded like an insane conspiracy theory does not look so impossible anymore. These are the methods the mafia currently in power use. It looks indeed not unlike what is being done to the Grand Master and the Sovereign Order of Malta. Honestly: would you doubt anything now?