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For the Record: Mexican Archbishop orders Last Gospel read in all Sunday Novus Ordo Masses

So, while the "Reform of the Reform" is dead for the universal Church, some particular churches (and no only parishes) may be moving ahead with bringing some elements of Roman Tradition to the new, and made-up artificial rite of Paul VI.

So it is with the Archbishop of Monterrey (Nuevo León state), in Mexico, Abp. Rogelio Cabrera López, who sent the following message to all his priests:

In the prologue of Saint John is found the synthesis of the Apostolic Faith, centered in the Mystery of the Incarnation: Jesus is the Word, the One who IS for all Eternity, who was made flesh, and shows us the face of God, clarifying the mystery of man.

It is for this that, by way of the present letters and with my ordinary authority, I decree that in all Sunday Masses of the year 2017, beginning on January 1, following the post-communion prayer, the Prologue of the Gospel according to Saint John be read in its liturgical version. Palm Sunday and the Easter Vigil are excepted.

[Source, en español. Tip: Twitter follower.]

Note: if you wish to witness the Last Gospel read at every Mass, as in the organic development of the Traditional Rites of the Latin Church, visit the nearer Traditional Latin Mass.