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For the record: Local Bishop confirms Medjugorje is a hoax
'This really is not Our Lady from the Gospel'

The bishop of Mostar-Duvno, His Excellency Ratko Peric, has once again strongly stated the obvious -- the apparitions of Medjugorje are a hoax. In fact, he goes even further, saying they were a form of manipulation from the fake visionaries and priests who benefit from the duped throngs of Catholics who visit the site. His predecessaor, His Excellency Pavao Žanic, also condemned the financial boondoggle of Medjugorje as false.

According to Jutarnji Vijesti, and translated by Total Croatia News, Bishop Peric said: "Considering everything that this diocesan chancery has so far researched and studied, including the first seven days of alleged apparitions, we can say: there have been no apparitions of Our Lady in Medjugorje."

In describing the woman who the fake visionaries say appears, Bishop Peric says:  "She often does not speak first, she has a strange laugh, she disappears after certain questions and then returns; she obeys the 'visionaries' and priests to come down from the hill to the church, although reluctantly. She is not sure how much time she will be visible, allows some of the visionaries to stand on her veil which is on the ground, allows others to touch her clothes and body. This really is not Our Lady from the Gospel."

Poor, ignorant Catholics who are duped into spending their time, and money, fueling the lifestyles of these so-called visionaries, need Francis to put an end to this once and for all. The Pope has recently appointed Polish Bishop Henryk Hoser to visit Medjugorje. May he turn to the true Mother of God for guidance and quash this nonsense soon.

Below, watch the video of one of the fake seers, as she flinches during a fake apparition: