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SSPX Prelature closer than ever -- even official websites now mention it

The following is a translation of the text by our friends in Secretum meum mihi.

For the Bergoglian website Faro di Roma, in an article dated Apr. 10, 2017, the announcement of the establishment of the possible personal prelature of the SSPX/FSSPX "could take place in Fatima, next May 13th."

The same post, however, includes the following astounding discovery: while reporting on the ordination of their subdeacons for this season, the official website of the German-language international seminary of the Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX), in Zaitzkofen, Germany, the seminary report adds the following:

"The five Levites will receive the Diaconate afterwards and then, in June 2018, will go to the altar as priests. Maybe the Society will have already by then be established as a personal prelature by Rome."

The underlined sentence was then removed from the Seminary website.