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You Suggest: Traditional Carmelites need help building a new monastery

The following was sent to us by a reader. An important cause, indeed:

DONATE ONLINE HERE (for address for checks, click "read more")

Dear Rorate Caeli,

There is a Carmelite community in Elysburg, PA, that uses the Tridentine Mass and Breviary exclusively and who need help building a new monastery. Because they are true blue cloistered nuns (no internet use, no videos, no CDs - just joyfully hidden away in their monastery), I wondered if you might be able to alert your readers to their need. 

Besides living across the street from a rather noisy rifle range, they have such an abundance of vocations that they need more space as more and more young women continue to be drawn to their authentic way of life (they are almost 30 sisters now and most of them are in white veils). I myself gave them $500 at Christmas and hope to make another generous donation when the tax refunds arrive and I know that they would deeply appreciate any assistance, even $5. I see it as an investment with heavenly dividends; they tell everyone that helps them in any way, “May God reward you,” and they mean it. They have already purchased property and the excavation work has been completed for their new monastery in Fairfield, PA.

Checks can be sent to:

Carmel of Jesus, Mary and Joseph
430 Monastery Rd.
Elysburg PA 17824

There is also a non-profit group of friends and benefactors who have created a way to donate online. CLICK HERE to donate online.