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Francis closes door on Medjugorje: "This is not the Mother of Jesus"

In the same papal interview that gave us the important SSPX update (previous post), Francis also produced what will most likely be as close to a final ruling on the Medjugorje hoax as we'll ever get, with the Pontiff proclaiming "This is not the Mother of Jesus." 

Francis, in a mocking way only he can deliver, further -- and rightly -- ridicules the hoax, comparing the fake woman in the fake apparition to a "head of a telegraphic office" who shows up at the same time every day. 

Let this be the final death knell that took far too long to toll.

Pope Francis: ... The apparitions, the presumed current apparitions: the report [Ruini] has its doubts. I personally am more nasty, I prefer the Madonna as Mother, our Mother, and not a woman who’s the head of a telegraphic office, who everyday sends a message at such hour. This is not the Mother of Jesus. And these presumed apparitions don’t have a lot of value. This I say as a personal opinion. But, it’s clear. Who thinks that the Madonna says, ‘come tomorrow at this time, and at such time I will say a message to that seer?’ No. 

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